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Aug 01

During the past few months you’ve received timely alerts from Prayer Updates during the Craig Huey campaign for Congress. Certainly Craig appreciates all your support, but with the election over we are changing gears and changing our name.

It’s official! Welcome to Victory Prayer Update. Starting with this email, you’ll continue to receive prayer-worthy alerts, news and updates. Only now they will come from the desk of Shelly Huey, Craig’s other half.

So check your email box filters and make sure your issue of Victory Prayer Update doesn’t end up in your spam filter.


Coaches pick starters in each game that their team plays.
Doesn’t matter what the sport.
The coach sees if they show up to PRACTICE.
And if they SHOW UP on time.
The coach sees if they are READY to play.
If they have the right shoes, right equipment, right uniform.
If they have the right ATTITUDE.
If they are ready to give it their ALL.
Starters have to demonstrate amazing skill.
They have to demonstrate ability to persevere.
They have to want to get in the middle of the heat.
They have to not care if they take some hits.
They have to “suck it up” if they get hurt.
They have to NOT QUIT.
They have to have the burning desire to WIN.

Starters GET to play in the game.
They know that the coach TRUSTS them to do their job.

YOU are starters.
YOUR coach, Jesus Christ, picked YOU.
To start on His team.
To play in an eternal game.
To wreak havoc on the opposition.
He trusts YOU.

You say “Send Me.”
My question is have you showed up to practice? Phil 4:9
Are you Ready to engage in a battle? Eph 5:16
How about that uniform? Eph 6, Col 3:12
What about YOUR attitude? Phil 2:5
Are you ready to SACRIFICE it all for this game? Romans 12:1

If so, then be ready to take some heat.
Be ready to take some hits.
Suck it up, church.
Don’t quit.
Don’t sit on the bench.
You’ve got the skills.
Now burn with desire to win.

Your coach Jesus is counting on YOU.
YOU are going to play.
YOU are a starter.

Maybe YOU have taken some heat.
Maybe YOU have taken some hits.
Maybe YOUR name has been slandered.
Maybe YOU have been persecuted.
Maybe YOU have been despised.
Maybe YOU were called names.
Maybe YOU were rejected.

Guess what?
So was YOUR coach.

YOU get to stay in the game.
YOU get to fight the good fight.
Despite the bruises, wounds and emotional scars.

Because YOUR coach is the I AM.
He coaches a winning team.  The All-Stars.  ALWAYS.
Now and forever.

What’s next for YOU and US?

Well, we took some serious heat, endured massive slander, took some hard hits. We were persecuted, despised and rejected. Even called names.

Despite all this, we MUST PRAISE HIS NAME!!! We need YOU to join US.

Come REJOICE with us! We are having a night of PRAISE to glorify our coach, Jesus.

Where: Craig and Shelly Huey’s House
27853 Conestoga Dr
Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274
When: Friday, August 12, 2011
7:00-9:00 pm
Who: YOU and anyone YOU know who’s been crushed, insulted, persecuted, and defeated or has had hardship or difficult trials.

PRAY for: This event
PRAY for: Redistricting decisions for District 36, that God would be glorified. That Craig would have clear direction regarding running in 2012.

PRAY for: Continued connections/platforms for Craig, for the many lives that we were able to touch, to be transformed by the sanctification power of our Lord.

PRAY for: Pastors and churches in District 36 to stay awake.


Shelly Huey

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