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Jan 17

Saturday was really a typical January day. Cloudy and not really cold or hot.

I was OUTSIDE most of the day in Los Angeles. Walking next to me was a young mom. She was pushing a stroller. Her four year old daughter was CLINGING to its side. The stroller was covered with a pink blanket. I asked if I could take a peek at her baby. She proudly pulled the blanket back and announced “Her name is Zaylah”.

Zaylah was fast asleep.
Completely OBLIVIOUS to her surroundings.
So TINY and TUCKED in.
Perfectly content.

We continued talking and found a place to sit down. Zaylah has been sick lately. She can’t seem to keep her milk down. She has a hard time digesting it. Zaylah’s mom is concerned about her health and growth. Her mom had to WAKE her up to feed her. Once she was awake, she started to cry. She was hungry. She got fed.

She cried again. She had a dirty diaper. She got changed.
She depended on her mom for everything. She is only four months old.

Typical mom.
Typical baby.
Not a typical place.

I met them downtown LA, on Skid Row.
Nowhere to call home, they live at a homeless shelter.
Surrounded by chaos.
Humanity at its worst.
Zaylah; a precious GIFT of new life, was stuck in the middle of that MESS.

It got me to thinking about us, the Church.

The Church here is not really COLD or HOT. It’s kinda lukewarm.
The Church here is completely OBLIVIOUS to its surroundings.
The Church here is so TINY compared to the population.
The Church here is happy to be TUCKED IN; with its own programs, seminars, conferences, retreats, bible studys, life groups, youth groups and concerts.

We too have been sick lately.
We have to be WOKEN UP to be fed. And we can’t feed ourselves.
We have some Bible knowledge and we don’t digest it.
We need to digest milk and start taking down meat.
We need to grow up.

When we are dirty, God will change us.
All we have to do is cry out.
He will hear us and come to our rescue.
He will take out His box of wipes and clean us up.
Every time we make a mess. 1 John 1:9

Because HE LOVES US.
He wants us to grow.
He wants us to be healthy
He wants us to get OUTSIDE. And tell others about Him. Matt 28:19,20
He wants us to be that PICTURE of PERFECT PEACE.

He placed YOU, His precious GIFT of new life, in the middle of a MESS.
He placed YOU, surrounded by His MIGHT, in the middle of Chaos.
He placed YOU, with His POWER, around humanity at its worst.
But YOU are not stuck there by a mistake.
He expects YOU to make a difference there.
He expects YOU to provide HOPE because of what Jesus did for YOU.
CLING to His side. Hold onto His stroller for the entire walk.

And Don’t make Him spit YOU out. Rev 3:16

Get OUT there Church.
Be the Hope.

PRAY FOR: The Church here to recognize that their Influence is Great because He is Great.

PRAY FOR: Craig as he continues to meet with key contacts in Sacramento.

PRAY FOR: This Saturday Assemblyman Mike Morrell will be our guest at several meetings. He will speak to key civic leaders and Christian groups regarding the economic and moral disaster California is facing. If you’d like to attend please just reply to this e-mail and let me know and we’ll send you the details.

PRAY FOR: Me and my health. I have a Heart Ultrasound/Stress test scheduled for the 24th.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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