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Aug 26

A few days ago I went hiking on a very familiar, rugged trail near our home. It’s kinda lonely and isolated. It descends deep into a canyon and is far removed from everything. Every time I’m on that trail, I feel like I’m going on an adventure. Typically I don’t encounter or talk to anyone.

It’s a rare occasion. Before I entered onto the trail, I stopped to look down at my phone. I got caught up in reading a work related email. Suddenly, out of nowhere a man appeared and I was startled. He asked where the trail led to and admitted he was lost. I decided to show him the way, knowing I would give up my treasured privacy on that serene hike. He was from Norway and on a short business trip for a few weeks. About halfway in, the trail weaves past the local and silent cemetery. Across the trail from that is a vibrant church with reflecting glass windows. I mentioned to him that, when I hike this trail, I like to pray. He seemed surprised. He proceeded to barrage me with questions about death, life, ISIS, suffering, God, and going to church. I know God gave me the answers that he needed to hear. God works like that.

Forgive us God that We the Church traverse very familiar trails near our homes yet with our neighbors we tend to weave past them and remain silent about Jesus.

Forgive us God that We the Church get startled when people appear to have lost their way on the rugged trail called life. We don’t encounter or talk to them because we are too busy looking at our phones. And we forget to look up.

Forgive us God that We the Church are reluctant to give up our treasured privacy to get caught up in the lives of the lost, so we purpose to make it a rare occasion.

Maybe We forgot that Jesus wears hiking boots. And he walks every trail with us. The lonely ones. The isolated ones. The deep canyons. So We are not far removed from Him. (Isaiah 41:10)

Maybe We forgot that our lives are supposed to be vibrant windowed reflections of Jesus’s grace, mercy and love. Forgiveness brings us to that trail. Repentance keeps us on it. (Psalm 139:23-24)

Maybe We forgot that God sticks people right in front of our face so we can point them in the right direction. Because He already did that for us. (John 14:6)

God set You on this particular trail for a reason.
Jesus trusts You to hike that trail with Him. So strap on those boots.
You get to go on an adventure with The Almighty God. EVERYTIME.
God is not surprised with Your barrage of questions.
He will tell You what You need to hear.
God works like that.
So that You don’t just hike trails. With His Holy Spirit You blaze them.

PRAY FOR: Craig is speaking on Common Core and exposes its dangers. It’s a revealing talk. Sept 3rd he will be speaking @ the Sizzler in Torrance on Lomita Blvd @ 7:00pm. If you live in the LA/South Bay area, please come, You won’t be disappointed!

PRAY FOR: We are thanking God for HE is building our business. We have several new clients that we would love to see become recurring business. We are also adding staff. Please pray for the right combination of clients, new projects and resources.

PRAY FOR: Harvest Crusades is this weekend (Fri-Sun)@ Anaheim Stadium.
This powerful event is perfect to bring a friend or neighbor who does not know Jesus. Pastor Greg Laurie will tell them everything they need to know!!!
Go to

PRAY FOR: Revival. This country is RIPE for Harvest!!! Pray the whole gospel truth is preached and the Holy Spirit activates hearts. Pray pastors will boldly lead their local bodies, States and Nation in teaching the people what the Bible says about sex, marriage and life. Jesus transformed culture. It didn’t transform Him. EVER.

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