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May 21

One of my favorite chores to do as a kid was to wash the car.

It was a CONTINUAL duty. My daddy brought me out to “help” clean that dirty mess even before I could walk. My dad has treasured pictures of me in a soaked diaper, sitting next to our car. I was given the task of cleaning the tires. The tires were right in front of my face and were not overwhelming for me to clean. I was covered in white, cleansing soap bubbles. The bucket of water was right by my side and AS BIG AS I was. My LITTLE BABY ARMS could only lift so much, so my dad helped me rinse the tire with the garden hose.

As I got older and more mature, right around the age of three, my dad gave me MORE RESPONSIBILITY. The doors and the sides of the car became my NEW TERRITORY. My dad got was still in charge of the hood, trunk, windows and roof. He was much taller, had strong arms, and had a longer, wider reach. Even though my dad knew my limitations, I wanted to still CONQUER MORE of that car. I remember standing on my TIP TOES and STRETCHED as long as I could, just to get a clean swipe at the dirt on the trunk or the grime on the HOOD. My dad would see my efforts and compliment me. He was impressed.

The more he SAW that I wanted to DO and actually TRIED, the more he GAVE me. Then one day I decided to ASK my dad if he could “help” me clean the whole hood. He said “Sure, just hold on to me”. And he lifted me up and held me while I tackled that IMPOSSIBLE TO REACH hood. I cleaned the whole thing, thanks to my dad.

Why have we as a church forgotten that we are covered in the white, cleansing soap bubbles of His righteousness? Why have we as a church decided its okay to sit around in soaked diapers refusing to walk? Why have we as a church decided that our LEAST favorite chore is to CONTINUE daily to be washed clean by the blood of the Lamb? Why have we as a church become satisfied with being capable of doing what WE can to help clean the grime and dirt in our “HOOD”.

After all, our LITTLE BABY ARMS can only lift so much. After all, we really don’t want MORE RESPONSIBILTY. We are involved in enough as it is. In fact, our TERRITORY that we cover is more than enough. After all, the buckets of problems right next to us are AS BIG AS we are, if not bigger.

Forgive us.

Remember Jesus brought you out of your dirty mess.
Remember Jesus has tresausred pictures of you doing His work. And He is impressed.
Remember Jesus gives you tasks right in front of your face that are not overwhelming. With His help you can do it.
Remember Jesus helps you lift heavier things because He has strong arms and a longer, wider reach.

He sees what you do, He sees your efforts, He sees your heart. Ask Him for supernatural help. He will gladly do it. He will lift you up. He has new territory for you to CONQUER. He has new doors for you not just clean off, but boldly walk thru.
When you hold on to Him, He will allow you to tackle and REACH the IMPOSSIBLE for Him. In fact, He just might allow you to take on that “Hood” of yours. The whole thing. With thanks to Him, because of Him and His power.

Oh Lord help us as we Reach the Hurting and Lost HERE. Help us, as we stand on TIP TOE and STRETCH OUT of our comfort zone for you.

With Our Daddy, God the Father, Everything is Possible. Mark 14:36

It may be hard to believe but the election is in TWO WEEKS!
Our staff deals with many pressures every day and mind-full that we are fighting a worthy battle. We are honored to be in the fight, feel called by the Lord, and are loving every minute of it. We are praising the Lord as finances have been pouring into the campaign. Many people are giving $10 and $20 and it is making an difference. We have all been encouraged. Also, people are coming in every day to pick up lawn signs to put in their yard to show their neighbors that they stand with us. I am praising the Lord as we see more and more believers come into the campaign office to help, seeing this gives us great joy and hope.

Please continue to keep us in prayer. These last two weeks are absolutely critical. This is the time we need an increase in volunteers and prayer. Please pray that the community unites to flood the South Bay with phone calls and that people would volunteer to help us finish strong. Pray for wisdom and strength for all of us and for our families. Being in the battle gets bloody and we can’t make it with out the prayers of the saints. We are deeply grateful to each and every one of you.

Monday – 8:30am to 9:30am
Address – 3535 Torrance Blvd. Suite 11 in Torrance

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