Tailor Made

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Oct 03

If you have ever been measured for a suit you know that every measurement is accurate. If you buy that same suit off the rack then a tailor will carefully make adjustments so it will fit you perfectly. The tailor will not make a mistake, given the right measurements, and that suit will fit you better than any other off the rack suit will. You can’t even compare a tailor made to others. When you wear that suit…people notice. And they usually are impressed how BECOMING you are.

Jesus promises that we will have trials. We all get a rack of them. Job loss. Divorce. Death. Rebellious kids. Empty marriages. Financial destruction. Heartbreaks. Disease.

What we don’t understand is that those trials are tailor made just for us.
What we don’t understand is that those trials are carefully adjusted just for us.
What we don’t understand is that those trials are accurately measured just for us.
By the Master Tailor Jesus.

He knows the measurements of YOUR form. He knows the design of YOUR soul.

His measurements are always right.

He was there, knew YOU and what YOU could endure before YOU were born.

He knows where YOU are now in that trial.

And what YOU will BECOME when YOU are through it.

He gave YOU that trial. Perfectly designed for YOU.

Because He knew YOU could handle it.

He wouldn’t give YOU a trial that wouldn’t fit YOUR form and design.

So stop comparing your trial to other peoples trials.

YOU were designed for greatness.
YOU were designed for an abundant life.
YOU were designed for His glory.

YOU are BECOMING more like Jesus. Trials are part of the plan.
YOU may not see it, but YOU are wearing that perfectly designed trial right now.

So perfectly designed for YOU that other people notice.

And when they notice, allow them to be impressed by what YOU are becoming.

Because YOU will reflect the handiwork of Jesus.

And He will get the glory.

PRAY FOR: The church in Southern California to become Christ like, and not to be ashamed of the gospel.

PRAY FOR: The timing of public announcements for Craig running in 2012. Private announcements were made towards the very end of last week and will continue this week.

PRAY FOR: South Bay Day of Repentance. We are in the process of confirming the date. We also are putting together materials for pastors/churches/organizations to use to inform the people. We want this event to unify the church for the cause of Jesus Christ.

PRAY FOR: Continued guidance for Craig, Shelly and Evan as they seek the Lord for His vision for their team of warriors. (Business, Gov’t, Education and Church leaders.

Shelly Huey

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