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Jan 26

The street I grew up on was filled with dozens of kids, of all ages. We could go outside, any time and immediately find friends to participate in a baseball or football game. As the sun went down, we all knew our parents would open the door and call us in for supper. After supper, we couldn’t wait to go back outside to play. Our favorite game at night was called Ghost in the Graveyard. A frightening name for Hide and Seek, and a perfect setting for us kids. We wore dark clothes, so that no one could see us, or tell us apart.

The “graveyard” was our neighborhood. Only the older, experienced kids volunteered to be the “ghost”, whose objective was to “tag out” as many kids as they could during the game. They could run faster and they knew where the great hiding spots were. The last kid tagged out became the next ghost.

All of our homes had a front porch light. Without those lights, we couldn’t see anything. We designated a certain porch to be “safe”, meaning; if you felt like you were going to be “tagged” you could run to that safe porch. Once there, no one could tag you out. Kids that were scared of the dark made it their goal to get to the safe porch every game.

Pitch-black darkness covered our street. One lonely streetlight was at the far end of our neighborhood, and we avoided it, because its light really ruined our dark game. Large, ominous oak trees cast very daunting, dark shadows, which became great hiding spots.

Occasionally during our game, a car with its headlights on would drive down the street, exposing where some kids were hiding. With that exposure, it became a mad dash for the safe porch.

Forgive Us Father for We the Church tend to play childish games when it comes to sin, We hide it and refuse to expose it to each other, so We rename it; something less daunting and frightening- and We wonder why We are not healed.  (James 5:16)

Forgive Us Father for We the Church can play like We are Christians in Our Culture. Sometimes the world really can’t tell Us apart, because We like to clothe Ourselves in the dark, shadowy things of this world. (John 17:16-19)

Forgive Us Father for We the Church tend to avoid evil people who hate us, and when they come out of hiding, We tend to make a mad dash to our safe porches instead of allowing Your Spirit to tag Us to share the gospel with them.
(Romans 10:14)

Maybe We forgot that with Your Mighty Power We are the streetlight that is able to illuminate the far ends of not just Our neighborhoods, but the entire earth with Your Hope, Your Peace and Your Joy of Jesus Christ. (1 John 1:5)

Maybe we forgot that We are equipped by the strength of Your Holy Spirit to go outside at any time, to fight the ominous forces of evil and ruin their dark games. (Ephesians 6:10-12)

Maybe We forgot that the headlights on Our car has to be on and bright. We need to be willing to drive down the pitch black, dark streets of this world to expose the graveyards of the spiritually dead, so that they can live.
(John 5:24)

Don’t be tagged out.
He stands at the door and knocks, if You hear His voice and open the door, He will come in and have supper with You, and You with Him.
You get to permanently sit on His porch of Grace for eternity.
You are placed. Right now, in the perfect setting for His glory.
You are trusted to participate in His divine calling.
It’s not a game.
Go back outside.

The hosts, coordinators and participants of the Inaugural Prayer event that took place in DC on January 19th.
We attended this event with around 300 other National Christian leaders and pastors. The present power of the Holy Spirit shook the powers and principalities of evil that have been allowed to operate in DC for years!
Pray specifically for protection for these individuals, their ministries and their families. The enemy is not happy that this event took place.
Pray also that MORE events like this WILL be common in DC.

PRAY FOR: The people who were called to specifically pray and give a word at President Trump’s inauguration.
MILLIONS across the world heard these individual prayers and the spoken word!!! We know that the media will downplay the impact.
But OUR GOD REIGNS and His word NEVER goes void. EVER!!!
Pray for salvation to take place BECAUSE of the word proclaimed at the Inauguration!!!

PRAY FOR: The Evangelical Christians who were called to specifically pray or sing at the National Cathedral (the day after the Inauguration).
They willingly came into a sick, twisted and compromised church to proclaim the One and Only truth of Jesus Christ. They were told what to pray, and stood their ground and still proclaimed the Name of Jesus!!!
Pray for their continued influence and boldness to preach the Good News!

The Women’s March sponsors and coordinators.
Specifically: the people that are behind this movement, overwhelming hate Spirit filled Christians, hate Jews, and hate what the Bible says about Israel, marriage and life. They do not mention God or Jesus in any of their mission statements. They overwhelmingly hate Donald Trump, anyone who voted for him, and hate those who stand for conservative Biblical based values.

Please go to (womensmarch.com) and discover for yourself exactly who to pray for. Pray the Lord God Almighty will find them.
Ever since Eve in the Garden of Eden, deception always masks itself as truth and sounds good (but it’s not). There is nothing new under the sun.

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