Staying Behind

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Dec 09

After the campaign, Craig and I needed a little break.

We decided to book a cruise. Cruises are typically touted as a trip of a lifetime. Cruises offer endless entertainment, shows, attractions, explorations, shopping, and of course, amazing food. Jammed packed daily agendas are delivered to your room. Ship board announcements are made as periodic reminders for upcoming activities. It’s a continual, non stop opportunity for real ADVENTURE. We made a conscious decision to “TAKE IT EASY” and to be honest, we really didn’t have the desire to take full advantage of what the ship offered. Sleeping in and resting was on our itinerary. We even stayed on the ship all day at one port of call.

Walking around the ship that day was kinda weird. It was literally abandoned. The REMNANT remaining on board were some of the crew and a handful of passengers. Everyone else was gone. They all had OTHER PLANS. No one wanted to STAY BEHIND. There was too much to DO, too much to SEE, too much to MISS. We had the entire ship to ourselves. Emptiness echoed throughout the ships vacant halls. Empty places to eat, empty places to be entertained, empty places to shop. One crew member we knew asked with surprise, “Why are you still here and what did you do today?” We were a little embarrassed to say “We did NOTHING” and then we added “We are pretty TIRED, we just wanted to RELAX”.

Our ship Christianity has been docked at the port of Humanity since Jesus was here. The Christianity ship has a jammed packed daily agenda of adventure too. Delivered to us, via Gods word. Periodic reminders of upcoming activities to do are announced by His Holy spirit. It’s a continual non stop daily adventure. It’s just that most Christians don’t see it, read it or hear it.

Instead we have become a people that are consumed by places to eat, places to be entertained and places to shop. Luke 17:27,28
Instead we consciously decide to make those things a priority.
Instead we erect idols of pleasure to satisfy our longings.

Dear God, forgive us as a Church for literally abandoning the ports that you have called us to. We have counted on just a REMNANT of pastors, leaders and regular people to do the labor of the harvest. While we smugly sit on the deck chairs of eternity watching the lost drown.

Dear God, forgive us as a Church for ignoring the prompting of your Holy Spirit to step off the Christianity ship into Humanity and deliver the good news of Jesus to the lost because we have OTHER PLANS.

So, our neighborhoods, community and state remain largely unchanged by the transformational power of our Almighty God. After all, we just want to RELAX, we are pretty TIRED and just want to do NOTHING. And we forgot that when you return, you come as a judge. Romans 14:10-12

Maybe you are wandering down the vacant halls of life.
Maybe your heart is echoing with emptiness.
Maybe people that you know have left you STAYING BEHIND.

And it feels kinda weird.

So, Slather on His lotion of comfort and forgiveness.
Slide into His walking shoes that will keep you on the straight & narrow path. Proverbs 3:5,6
Step off the ship of your heartache.
Speak His words to the lost, broken and hurting.

There is TOO much to DO for Him.
TOO much for others to SEE as a result of Him working in You.
TOO much to MISS of Him being glorified in You.

Then You will experience the ADVENTURE of a lifetime. Your emptiness will be filled with joy. The echoing of Your heart will be filled with His presence.
Turning pretty tired into pretty wired. And transforming doing nothing into doing all things. Philippians 4:13

PRAY FOR: Craig and I to have open doors, opportunities and platforms greater than the State Assembly seat would have provided to further His kingdom.

PRAY FOR: Craig to continue to have specific time on the radio, internet and TV to communicate to the people regarding issues related to business and politics.

PRAY FOR: Evan Chase who was the Church/Faith Based Coordinator for both campaigns. His work was critical to reaching these groups and communities. He is currently seeking employment. He would be an asset to any team. He can be reached at (310)918-5311 if you would like a copy of his resume.

PRAY FOR: Our business. We are in need of new business. It was necessary for Craig to be gone during the campaigns, and now it’s catch up time. Pray for staff. Pray for new clients.

DON’T FORGET: Mark your calendars now for our Worship and Praise Night on Friday January 11, 2013. Kings Harbor Church/Torrance @ 7pm. Details to follow.

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