Standing Nearby

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Aug 18

Sunday night we attended the 25th Harvest Crusade @ Angels Stadium in Anaheim. From our seats we had a perfect panoramic view.  We comfortably observed as people filled in the VIP sections, box seats and first comers seats throughout the stadium.   What a powerful event.  Incredible worship music.  Greg Laurie delivered an ANOINTED gospel message.

It was an OVERFLOWING, packed stadium.  The Fire Marshall had to CLOSE and LOCK the doors.  People had to STAND NEARBY; just outside the stadium and watch live footage on the flat screens. After the message, Greg asked if anyone wanted to receive Jesus as their personal Savior.  Then he encouraged them to come forward, down onto the field.  People everywhere got up and left their seat and FLOODED onto the outfield.  Craig noticed the empty seats scattered throughout the stadium.  Then he saw a section that had way more empty seats than the others.

It was the section that was the last section to be filled.

It was WAY, FAR AWAY behind the outfield.

The last people to straggle into the stadium.

The people that came late.  But they came.  And they put their faith in him.

They will never forget last night.  Because His glory was revealed.

Forgive us God that We the Church are so slow to believe and understand that we are living in the last days, so we just STAND NEARBY and watch the lost stay closed out of your stadium of eternal abundant life.

Forgive us God that We the Church watch live footage of death and destruction of Christians worldwide on our flat screens.  We may pray for them; but weep not for those who cause it.  Because terrorists need the One and Only hope of Jesus too.

Forgive us God that We the Church tend to give attention to the first comers, box seats, VIP sections and ignore the stragglers, the late, the last, the least, the forgotten.  The WAY, FAR AWAY.

Maybe we forgot that God the Father Fire Marshall has a specific time that HE will permanently CLOSE and LOCK the doors to his grace and mercy.  And your loved ones that do not know Jesus will not be allowed in.  (Revelation 3:7)

(Revelation 20:11-14)

Maybe we forgot that before we knew Jesus, we were no different than a terrorist.  Separated from A HOLY God because of our evil sin.  (Romans 3:23)

Maybe we forgot that Jesus always saves the best for last.  (John 2:10)

And the stragglers (the poor, crippled, blind and lame) are invited to His banquet table.  (Luke 14:21)

Let His Holy Spirit fill Your Life so YOU can deliver an ANOINTED gospel message to the lost.

Let His Extraordinary Love OVERFLOW onto the straggling people He puts in YOUR path.

Let His Limitless Grace FLOOD onto the outfields of your heart.

And your LIFE will be a powerful event.  With a perfect panoramic view.

For His glory to be revealed.

PRAY FOR:  Christians here in Southern California to become uncomfortable with comfort.  To come out of their comfortable stadium seats just observing. And stand up and walk boldly testifying of the good news of Jesus Christ.

PRAY FOR:  Church attendees to no longer just come to services, but to BE of service.  Not just at their church but in their community.  We need true permanent change through serving Our Almighty God here.  And take over our cities with His truth and love.

PRAY FOR:  Those that hate Christians.  That God would use us to be ministers of reconciliation to them.  For God to download creative ways that we can show our enemies HIS love.

PRAY FOR:  Election Forums throughout Southern California in Sept and Oct.  Craig and I are scheduling churches right now.  We have opportunities to travel to Bakersfield and Fresno as well.  We have done these forums at Hispanic churches with a translator.  Please pray for open doors for more of this.

PRAY FOR:  Many pastor friends of ours are meeting in Watts to pray and discuss needs there for youth and the community.  Pray these mighty warriors, who are on the front lines of revival; will see and receive Gods vision for Watts.



Shelly Huey
Twitter: @shellynotw


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