Stained Glass Cracks

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Mar 06

When I was in eighth grade, every student had to take Art.

I got the opportunity to make a stained glass piece. It was really fun and easy…but it took time and was tedious work. The final product was pretty amazing. And as a 13 yr old, I was proud of my work. So today I have an appreciation for stained glass art.

We have a stained glass window in the hallway of our home. It’s strategically placed to get the most light possible. It’s really quite beautiful. People that see the window, admire it, and some are awed by it.

The other day, I noticed that the paint on the wall under the window was discolored. In fact, the wall itself was slightly bulging. I forgot about the beauty of the window and focused on the problem. We had to get it FIXED and FAST. I knew what it was…water damage! There was a tiny crack on the outside wall, so when it rains water drips down the window and into the crack. Over time, the water started to soak into the drywall. It’s a pretty easy fix, tearing out a soggy wall.

During the process of repair the laborers NOTICED the stained glass window, but were CONSUMED with fixing the wall. Their conversation was about the materials they needed for the repair, the specific problems they might encounter and the process of the repair. Never once did they MENTION the stained glass window. It was the first time that I can remember that the window didn’t get ANY ATTENTION. It was almost like the window didn’t exist. When they were finished, they explained everything THEY did and how proud THEY were of THEIR job. Not once did they point out the window or acknowledge how it looked with a new wall underneath it.

When I go into any Christian bookstore, I’m bombarded with self help books. I see countless books that teach us Christians how to FIX our soggy, discolored walls. They have books for whatever our problems are: Marriage/Relationships, Finance, Parenting, Addictions. Books that specifically outline materials that we need to do the repairs. Books that identify specific problems we might encounter in our Christian walk. Books that help us with the process of repair. Definitely needed books. But an overwhelming amount. Aisle after aisle. Section after section. Every topic imaginable.

A good indicator of where the Church is today. Focused on OUR problems.

Consumed with the cracks in our life.
Consumed with the cracks in our churches.
Consumed with the cracks in our ministry.
Consumed with the cracks in our pastors and leaders.
Consumed with the cracks in our nation.
Consumed by fixing the walls.

Not Consumed by Him.

Why have we as LABORERS forgotten the beauty of our stained glass designer, Jesus.
Why have we gotten used to just NOTICING Jesus?
Why have we allowed Jesus to NOT get all of our ATTENTION?
Why do we go on and on about what WE do and not what HE DID and DOES?
Why have we sometimes acted like Jesus doesn’t EVEN EXIST; we do everything ourselves?
And we give ourselves the credit.

Lost in the middle of the bookstore is the section on the Holy Spirit, Jesus and God. Somehow, the Core of Who He Is has gotten lost.

Who He Is has become marginalized.
Who He Is has become ignored.
Who He Is has become almost driven out.

You were created for the reflection of His spectacular light.
You were purposefully designed to shine for Him.
You were really fun for Him to make and creating You was tedious but easy.
You have been placed in a strategic place for His glory.
Because He is proud of You.

He is the restorer of water damaged souls.
He is the repairer of soggy, water logged bodies.
He is the redeemer of discolored spirits.

Allow the Great I Am to BE all of Who You Are.
Allow the Great I Am to consume You and all of your cracks.
Allow the Great I Am to be Your Focus, He is bigger than your soggy mess.

He wants you to be FIXED and FAST…so He can get the Glory.

And People will See Him.
And People will Admire Him.
And People will be in Awe of Him.
Through You.

PRAY FOR: Craig and I to continue to establish a powerful staff for the campaign and volunteers. We are excited by the people that have been on board. We see another uprising of intentional purpose and hope surrounding this campaign. Pray for specific people to be available to help in many ways.

PRAY FOR: Campaign headquarters to be the perfect location. That this office would be strategically placed in this district. Anyone coming to the office would know that amazing things are happening there, that will affect positive change for our state.

PRAY FOR: Craig and I to continue to have influence over business and political leaders and organizations. We are meeting with very powerful people on a regular basis. Craig and I want our words to be effective and to give God glory. Pray for the people that we are with to have ears to hear and hearts to receive.

PRAY FOR: Strength and endurance for Craig, Evan, Yvette(campaign manager) and I as we are gearing up for this campaign. We have a very busy schedule. Pray for our consultants to have wisdom and discernment regarding the timing of events, speeches and appearances.

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