Soul Fighters

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Apr 05

Fired up for battle
Can’t wait to jump in
An eternal game
Is the war I’m in

Armed and dangerous
The sword at my side
Pierces the souls
Of His soon to be bride

I wouldn’t want it
Any other way
Fighting for souls
Every single day

Some need a word
Some need to pray
Some need a verse
To know Jesus is the way

Christian don’t hesitate
And don’t hide
Get off the bench
And live on His side

Don’t be lukewarm
Or frigidly cold
But righteously on fire
And outrageously bold

Repent from idleness
Disobedience and sloth
Get off your butt
Dust your Bible off

He bled and died
So that we would be
Warriors sold out
That are eternally set free

Allow Good Friday to Fire You Up for Him.

We are so thankful for You.

You are Warriors that have Prayed for US for over a Year.
We are beyond blessed that You represent a MIGHTY army.
Currently, this email is being delivered to thousands of people.
Many of which are actively praying for the specific requests we have.
Many of these individuals do not even live in this area or in the state of California.
In fact, some are in other countries.

God is sooooo good.

We want to make a MASSIVE impact for His kingdom here, as well as beyond the boundaries of this district. Thank You for making this possible. Every prayer is heard by our Almighty God. And believe me, every prayer is felt by us. Craig and I have had amazing things take place in our campaign, business, and marriage. We attribute that to the MERCY and GRACE of God, as well as an army of praying saints.

It is with that gratefulness that we would like to invite you to a night of Thanks/Praise/Prayer to kick off the opening of our campaign office.

Where: Craig Huey for Assembly Headquarters
3535 Torrance Blvd. Suite 11
Torrance, CA 90503
(Between Hawthorne and Madrona)

When: Thursday April 12, 2012

Why: Thanks/Praise/Prayer Kickoff

Who: You and anyone else you know who wants to pray

Plan to come. If you are not able, then please join us in prayer during this time. Email me @ and I will forward you a breakdown of the nights program so you can follow along.

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