Shelly’s Corner – Prayer Update for Craig Huey

By shellyhuey | Prayer Update

Jul 15

Hello everyone,

We have been informed that the previous update had formatting problems and that many of you did not read Shelly’s word of encouragement.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Shelly’s Corner


Sports.  Our national pastime.  Devoted fans rally behind their team.  Each season reaches a climax. The Playoffs.

Playoffs typically allow the underdog team an opportunity to RISE UP and play the champion.  That’s what happened in this Special Election in District 36.

An unknown in the first round, came outta nowhere and defeated the Secretary of State.

Defying odds.  Smashing conventional wisdom. Destroying the status quo. Unbelievable.  A miracle. Craig Huey was then given an opportunity to play in the final.

During this final, devoted fans rallied behind him.  Fans not from just District 36 but fans from around the state as well as the nation.  

They showed up to cheer. 
They showed up to work.  
They showed up to pray.  
They showed up to give not just their time but their money. 

To them, this final game wasn’t a national pastime.  This final game was about our NATION!

On election night the fans crowded the stadium.  

In anticipation of VICTORY.
In anticipation of  DEFYING ODDS once again.
In anticipation of sending a POWERFUL MESSAGE to the world.

When the votes came in, it was apparent that the UNKNOWN had become KNOWN.  But not KNOWN enough.

The final game in this playoff ended in a defeat.
But in Gods eyes it was a VICTORY.

You see…

God SEES what goes on behind the scenes.
He SEES the peoples hearts we were able to TOUCH.
He SEES the peoples minds that were TRANSFORMED.

He SEES and hears Your cries.  Your life.  Your defeat. And by HIS POWER You WILL DEFY the odds in Your life. By HIS POWER , HE will Touch Your Heart. By HIS POWER, HE will Transform Your Mind.

You, dear warrior are in the playoffs. Make the MOST of this opportunity.

And you know what?

You already have fans WATCHING you. Cheering for you.  Rallying behind you.  A stadium full of fans.

You already HAVE VICTORY.
And you HAVE a game plan.
To make the cause of Jesus Christ KNOWN.
Because He is not KNOWN enough.

That my friend His message is the Most POWERFUL message to the world.

PRAY for:  VISION: Craig and I are putting together a team to build upon what has just begun here in District 36.  We need wise council and advisors. We need Gods amazing vision and direction.

PRAY for:  RESTORATION:  Our dedicated campaign staff, families and our family needs restoration and rejuvination.  We need a fresh wind, fresh fire of the Holy Spirit to propel us to the next level.  We wait expectantly for new platforms and opportunities to be used to glorify Him.

PRAY for:  RESOURCES:  As we build our team in anticipation for future things, we need the right people and the infusion of finances.

This is not the end!  We are just beginning here in District 36.  And so are You.