Shallow Roots

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Mar 01

Not too far from our home is the start of a narrow hiking path that meanders throughout the neighborhood. The trail ventures out and runs alongside a busy street. Strategically planted between the trail and the street are very tall and strong eucalyptus trees. Street side the trees serve as protection from the angry drivers. Trail side you don’t even notice the cars. The trees are a great cover up.

Earlier this month, we had some pretty windy and rainy days. During this past storm, one of those behemoth glorious trees literally blew over.

Its massive trunk and branches spanned over the entire path, blocking it.

It literally uprooted itself. So surprising that this tree fell over. On its downward spiral, it severed off the branches of other smaller trees that were along the path.

I couldn’t fathom how that monster of a tree could stand for so long. It looked identical to the other trees that were right next to it. It didn’t have any disease. It wasn’t missing anything. Why it was singled out from the other trees was a mystery.  Until I saw its roots. The hole that the trees roots made was not very deep and not very wide. The hole was so shallow, I was perplexed how that tree could even stand at all even without any storms.

Forgive us Father that We the Church start our hikes with Jesus on a narrow path. And sometimes we meander. We venture out and run alongside sin. And we wonder why we fall when storms hit.

Forgive us Father that We the Church can look very tall and strong to the world offering protection from the winds of turmoil but sometimes We come across as a great cover up…hoping the angry masses don’t notice who We really are.

Forgive us Father that We the Church sometimes behave no differently than the Church of Laodicea, lukewarm and on a downward spiral. And in that process We severe off relationships of those who may be along  the path with us. (Revelation 3:14-20)

Maybe We forgot that when we hike that narrow path with Jesus, it is with His humility that we get to meander throughout our neighborhoods with the Powerful message of forgiveness. (Acts 1:8)

Maybe We forgot that We have the ability to massively influence and span our branches of truth and love over our entire culture. Only His trunks of mercy and grace can block our paths of rebellion.

Maybe We forgot that WE are planted right next to other tall and mature Christians. Strategically. And with His Protection together We will not fall.

You have His behemoth glory.
He gave it to You. (John 17:22)
You have Him.
You have His Presence.
You have His Spirit.
Together We are One.
So that the World will believe in Jesus. (John17:21)

PRAY FOR: Craig and I will be going to the Global Financial Summit in the Bahamas during March 16-20. Craig is speaking. The Prime Minister of the Bahamas will be there.
Pray for divine appointments and new business.

PRAY FOR: Business is ramping up. Pray for excellent campaigns for our clients. Pray for constant revenue to flow. Pray for the right staff to accurately handle all jobs.

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