Running Back

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Oct 27

One of my favorite sports is football. I played intramural flag football in college.
Our team was all women. We played on the same field that our college football team played. The men’s athletic dorms were right next to the field. Some of the college football players would come watch our games. Those guys were our friends. We loved the fact that they cared enough about our friendship that they decided to show up to our practices, teach us plays and cheer us on at the games. Even though they played a more violent version than we did, it was essentially the same game.

I didn’t have a helmet or pads, but I did wear a jersey and had cleats. I LOVED the game. I even loved the constant practices. I couldn’t wait to get those cleats on.
And slip that well-worn jersey over my head.
No matter how bruised I got. Or how tired I was.
I still wanted to participate in executing plays.
Being a running back required me to be nimble and fast. I had to protect both of my flags; that were strapped around my waist, from being grabbed. Anytime I saw or felt that someone was honing in too close to me; I had to spin, rotate my hips and strategically move away from the attack. I took some hard clips. I also took some hard hits. Sometimes full body slams, even a few face plants in the grass. If I fell, someone was always there to help me get back up and on my feet.

Forgive Us God that We the Church are Your Athletes that tend to sit inside the dorms of our world, when we are planted right next to the fields of harvest.

Forgive Us God that We the Church have allowed the flags of truth and justice to lay limply on our waist, and we don’t protect them enough as the world and its values try to yank them off of us DAILY.

Forgive us God that We the Church that Know Jesus as Savior and Lord are playing essentially the same game. We churches should be friends that care enough to show up at each others events, help each other and cheer one another on. After all we are playing on the same field.

Maybe We Forgot that that true Christianity IS a violent game. In fact, it’s a spiritual war. And we only wear cleats and a jersey, instead of the full suit of armor. (Ephesians 6:10,11)

Maybe We Forgot that it requires constant practice to see and feel the satanic attacks that come in; that are relentless. And sometimes we get hit. Hard.
And we cease to stand. (Ephesians 6:12,13)

Maybe We Forgot that We once first LOVED Jesus so much that we couldn’t wait to get our cleats on and slip His well-worn jersey over our heads and execute plays for Him. Every day. (Matthew 24:12)

Let the Holy Spirit breathe that First Love of Jesus back into Your lungs.
So You can spin and rotate in His endless Love once again.
Let Him pull You up from the body slams of doubt, and the face plants of fear.
Because He is the Someone that is always there for You.
To Help You back on Your feet.

You are a critical part of the team.
You are needed on the field.
You play a specific position for Him.
Get in the game.
Run Back.
Once again.

Our friend, Brad Dacus; President of Pacific Justice Institute.
Brad’s organization waves the flags of truth and justice across this nation.
He and his staff of trained attorneys defend Christians in every arena as they have taken hits from this world. They have handled historic cases of students, business owners, churches, and pastors and individuals. Pray for continued financial resources and protection for PJI and their families.
Go to for more info.

Our friend, Tony Perkins; President of Family Research Council.
Tony’s organization waves the flags of truth and justice across this nation.
He and his staff defend the Christian family, marriage and religious freedom in our nation. Constantly in the news because of their Biblical stance, Tony is a national spokesman for Christianity on most media outlets. Pray for enlarged platforms for his voice of righteousness to be heard. Pray for continued financial provision and protection for the FRC and their families.
Go to for more info.

WE worship the Great I AM.
Who Was, Is and Is to Come!!!
Keep that perspective

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