Righteous Endeavor

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Oct 16

Word got out.

It was all over the news on TV. It was all over the radio. It was all over the Internet. It was talked about everywhere you went in Los Angeles. The arrival of the Space Shuttle Endeavor.

The weathered spacecraft and HEAVY PAYLOAD made its final journey being towed down the streets of Los Angeles. Through all the excitement, it was the headline in the local paper that caught my attention. “Righteous Endeavor”. Throughout the article, quotes from the massive crowd that witnessed this historic event were intriguing. “This is a ONCE-EVER EVENT”, “ It’s MAJESTIC”, “It’s a BEAUTIFUL MONSTER”, and “It done flew around the moon and the stars and now it’s rollin’ through the ‘hood”.

TAKEN OVER by awe, crowds strained to catch a glimpse of it. Cheering, picture taking throngs of people. What a demonstration of man’s incredible breakthrough to pioneer the unknown. What a display of power. What an impact. Some were in tears. Some felt indescribable joy. Some said it was the most amazing thing that they have ever seen.

What a project. People researched. People engineered. People designed. People built. People erected. People launched. People navigated. People discovered. Years of planning and preparation. On display for all to see.

Forgive us as a Church, God that we have forgotten that You ENGINEERED, You DESIGNED and You BUILT us. While we were in our mother’s womb.
Psalm 139:13-16

Forgive us as a Church, God that we have forgotten that Your plans and preparations for us are for good. Romans 8:28 Jeremiah 29:11
And we have NAVIGATED away from You.

Forgive us as a Church, God that we have forgotten Your continual MAJESTY and have treated You like a “Once-ever event” in our life. And we have DISCOVERED projects that have TAKEN OVER our life.

Maybe there is a “BEAUTIFUL MONSTER” that You have ERECTED in your life. Something you so desperately want, to display your power. To make an impact.

The perfect career.
The perfect home.
The perfect relationship.
The perfect kids.
The perfect body.
The perfect ministry.

Maybe you have allowed it to become an idol.

Because you look for the cheers of the crowd. Galatians 1:10
Because you strain to see if others notice. And catch more than a glimpse.
Because you kinda wish pictures would be taken of what you have accomplished.

God doesn’t LAUNCH beautiful monsters. Only man does. 1 Peter 5:6

You can unstrap that “beautiful monster” from your back. 1 Peter 5:7
You can hook it up to a tow truck of Jesus forgiveness and haul it out of your life.

Some of you will be in tears.
Some of you will have indescribable joy.

Once it’s out of your life, you can tell others about what a HEAVY PAYLOAD it was.
A demonstration of God’s incredible breakthrough.
What an IMPACT that will make.
On lives that knew you before. It will be the most amazing thing that they have seen.
What a powerful display of His glory.

Better than the Space Shuttle.

You are a true “Righteous Endeavor”.
You are a pioneer used by Him to go to unknown places and make Him known.
For His glory. For His honor.
On display. For all to see. In your “hood”.

Be Launched in His Love

PRAY FOR: The attacks that Craig’s opposition continues to do will backfire. So many outright lies about Craig’s character and our business are being broadcast everywhere. We know that God is our defender. He is above ALL things. The enemy HAS already been defeated. We know that these next few weeks the opposition will be attacking our family as well. Please pray for all of us to have supernatural strength and joy.
Pray for Evan and family as he is on the front lines too.

PRAY FOR: Continued donors to the campaign. Continued volunteers. We need people to come out in full force to take on this overwhelming task of sending righteousness to Sacramento.

PRAY FOR: Ambassadors to actively recruit 12 people they will be responsible for to vote on Nov 6 for Craig. The Christian vote WILL make the difference in the results.

PRAY FOR: Adopt a Precinct: We currently have every city covered in prayer. Pray EACH precinct gets covered. We are over halfway there. Hundreds have signed up and are getting my videos on Tuesday and Thursday. Expect miracles to take place because of this move of prayer.

PRAY FOR: Our dedicated staff. John, Mason, Sarah, Mark, Maureen. True patriots each one. Their passion to do what is right, despite any odds is amazing. Pray for them to remain focused and full of energy as we near the end of this campaign. Our volunteers that willingly show up at events “just to help” is so unbelievable. We are truly humbled by their consistent serving.

PRAISE: We serve a Risen King. We are not bound by the kingdom of this world. We belong to Gods eternal kingdom of abundant life NOW. He is High and Lifted Up. He is Exalted. We Praise His Name. The Name above ALL Names. Jesus.

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