Red Envelopes

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Oct 13

Car payments, mortgage payments, credit cards, electricity, cell phone, cable TV, gas, water, trash.

Why me?

I hate DOING bills. It can be such a royal pain. It never fails; every day bills BOMBARD the mail. I feel like I’m in the middle of a RELENTLESS cycle of debt. If the bills are not in the snail mail, then they appear in the email. They always show up. Bills are never late, always on time… begging to be acknowledged.

When we travel, I have the snail mail stopped and I don’t reply to emails. I usually IGNORE them. So when I get back, I have a sea of paperwork to DIVE INTO, so much that I can’t wrap my mind around it.

Every once in a while, a bill will fall through the cracks. I either didn’t SEE IT or I FORGOT about it. Then I get a red envelope in the mail that CATCHES MY ATTENTION. If not the mail I get a phone call, alerting me as a “friendly reminder”.

Maybe you decided to STOP the love of Jesus from entering your world.
Maybe you decided to IGNORE His messages of love that appear in your life.
Maybe you decided that you hate “DOING” your life. It can be such a royal pain.

Sometimes we let His love “fall through the cracks” of our life.
Sometimes we do not SEE His love
Sometimes we FORGET about His love.

And sometimes that “red envelope” gets delivered.

That warning.

That “something” that CATCHES OUR ATTENTION.

Or maybe it’s a phone call. The call you never wanted to receive. The problem is that we don’t do well with warnings and alerts.
We usually respond… Why me?

Jesus has many ways of calling us back to Him when we travel away. And He always has a sea of love waiting for us to DIVE INTO. Allow yourself to get BOMBARDED by the Love of Jesus.

Every day.

Like those bills, Jesus always shows up. He’s never late. He begs to be acknowledged. He has placed YOU in the middle of His RELENTLESS cycle of love.

So much love that you can’t wrap your mind around it.

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