Nov 28

Recess…just the word brings back memories.

So EXCITED, I couldn’t wait for recess. My ears strained to hear that dismissal bell. I watched the clock slowly tick time away. I wanted to be SET FREE from that stifling, restrictive classroom. I couldn’t stand sitting in my desk. I wanted to push my chair out from that desk and bolt out the door. I felt trapped, and desperate for a BREAK from the monotony. I wanted to PLAY and RUN and LAUGH out loud.

On the playground, there was a whole NEW set of rules. The kids decided who was on what team. The kids decided what friends to hang with. The kids decided how to talk to each other. The kids decided how to treat each other.

WHAT FREEDOM! No adult telling us what to do!

But right there WITH us on the playground was an adult…the playground aide. The playground aide never got in our way. He was just available to us. Anytime. He took the time to get to know us. He knew who we were, he knew our names. He watched everything we did. He actually liked us. When he asked us to do something, it was in a quiet yet powerful way, so we respected him. And we DID what he asked. We knew that if there was a problem, we could go RUNNING to him for answers. What was overwhelming to us, was really quite simple to him. We EXPECTED his solutions to work…and they did. Every time. We went back to our games empowered with a fresh new start.

Born again Christian.

The words bring back memories. So EXCITED, because we are SET FREE. But time has slowly ticked away. You might find yourself in that stifling, restrictive classroom called life. Feeling trapped. Sitting at your desk. Desparate for a BREAK from the monotony.

Someone wants you to come out to recess and PLAY again.
Someone wants you to come out to recess and RUN.
Someone wants you to come out to recess and LAUGH out loud.

The playground aide of your soul, the Holy Spirit is calling your name. You operate under a NEW set of rules on the playground of Sanctification. You already chose what team you are on.

You get to choose your friends.
You get to choose who to hang with.
You get to choose how you talk.
You get to choose how you treat people.


Like that playground aide…

The Holy Spirit won’t get in your way.
The Holy Spirit already knows who you are.
The Holy Spirit watches everything you do. And He actually loves you.
The Holy Spirit is available to you. Anytime.

And He is right there WITH you on that playground.

Respect Him.
DO what He asks.
RUN to Him with your problems.
Admit you can’t fix your life.
What is overwhelming to us, is really quite simple to Him.
EXPECT His solutions to work. They will. Every time. And you will be empowered with a fresh new start.

Be EXCITED, so much so that you can’t wait to run, play and laugh again.
So push that chair out from under your desk and get ready to bolt out the door.
I think I hear that dismissal bell.

Welcome to recess.

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