Puddle Jumpers

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Oct 24

Every once in a while Craig and I have the opportunity to fly in planes that are 16 seats or less. We have been over jungles, oceans, deserts and mountains in these baby planes. And every time so far we have departed out of small airports. Except on Friday…we left out of LAX. I had never heard of the airline, or if I saw their sign I ignored it.

The tiny ticket counter was tucked away in a corner. When it was time to board, we walked out the door, down some steps and onto the tarmac. As we approached the plane, the pilot was standing next to it, waiting to greet us. The pilot checked our seat belts and entered the cockpit. We could see EVERYTHING he did.

We started to taxi. Once we got out to the runway, I looked out the window down onto the runway. Huge arrows were on the runway, but they were pointing in the opposite direction. I said to Craig “What is this pilot doing? He’s going the wrong direction!” The other five passengers noticed too and started getting worried.

We felt super small. Big Cargo jets surrounded us. Those jets were so intimidating. Everyone on our little plane were looking TOWARDS the pilot to see what he would do.

We all breathed a sigh of relief when the pilot SLOWED down at the end of the runway, came to a STOP, and did a U turn…then he took off. We were in the air WITHIN SECONDS. Small but Mighty, we left those Big Cargo jets in the dust. I guess the pilot knew what he was doing. It’s his job every day to control that little puddle jumper.

Maybe you feel small.
Maybe no one really has heard of you.
Maybe you are ignored.
Maybe you feel tiny and tucked away.

You may have opened that door to walk out to meet Jesus.
You may have walked down those steps of faith.
You may have stepped onto the tarmac of eternity.
And Pilot Jesus was there to greet you.

Your eyes were on Him as you approached the journey of your life.
Your eyes were on Him as He seat belted you into His Mercy and Grace.
Your eyes were on Him as He stepped into the cockpit of your destiny.

But somewhere during the taxi of your journey, you looked out your window. You looked down onto the runway. You took your eyes off of Pilot Jesus and if someone were to fly over your life they would see…A jungle of decisions. A desert of hope. A ocean of emotions. A mountain of stress.

So you question God. What is He doing? He’s going the wrong direction with my life! In fact, everywhere you look there are Big Cargo jets filled with your problems. Surrounding you. Intimidating. You start getting worried.

So, if you see the end of your runway approaching, SLOW DOWN. Come to a STOP. Look towards Jesus. He wants you to be STILL in Him. Psalm 46:10

Remember He is in control of EVERYTHING. Give that control back to Him. Take that U turn. You will breathe a sigh of relief. And WITHIN SECONDS He will lift you up. And be ready to leave those Big Cargo jets of problems in the dust.

Please pray for South Bay Day of Prayer and Repentance Nov 1st @ 6-8 pm
Go to the website www.dayofprayerandrepentance.com for details. There are many churches from around the South Bay that plan on attending.

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