Preschooler Obedience

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Mar 13

Near my house is a preschool. During the morning hours they have an outside playtime. Sometimes I get a chance to see those kids in ACTION. Riding bikes as fast as they can. RUNNING races and playing tag. Sliding down scary slides and screaming for joy. Creating castles in the sandbox. Doing somersaults and rolling in the grass. Lots of laughing and yelling. They love being outside. They love to play hard. Such enthusiasm. Such zeal for life. It’s CONTAGIOUS being next to that excitement.

Yesterday I walked past the school right as playtime ended. The teacher called the kids to the door of the classroom. They automatically lined up. Then she said, “Ok, now clap your hands together like this, you need to get all the sand off”, and they did. “Now stomp your feet on the ground like this, you need to get all the dirt off”, and they did. “Dust off your clothes and make sure they are clean,” and they did. When they were done with their simple yet effective routine, they filed into the classroom as clean as four year olds could get.

As I walked away I realized why Jesus wants us to come to Him like those preschoolers.

He wants us to get outside of the church.
Because that’s where His playground is.

He wants to see us in ACTION. Matthew 28:19,20
Because He tagged us and we are “it”.

He wants to see us to RUN all of our races with Him. 1 Corin 9:24
Because He every race we run with Him works out for our good. Rom 8:28

He wants to see us sliding down the slides of our life and yet scream for joy.
Because He”s been down those scary slides, He will catch you when you come down. Deut 31:6

He wants to see us creating castles out of the sand He has given us.
Because He trusts you to make great things out Med andre ord; klarer du dette, spiller du optimalt og kan vinne i blackjack online . of what you have. Eph 3:20

He wants us to laugh and play with zeal, to experience real enthusiasm for Him
Because that’s a CONTAGIOUS gospel.

Sometimes we forget to clap our hands together and make sure the sands of comfort haven’t buried themselves in our flesh. Sands of comfort that have prevented us from getting outside of the church and serving people and telling them about Jesus.

Sometimes we forget to stomp our feet on the ground to make sure the dirt of pride hasn’t gotten stuck in our shoes of peace. The dirt of pride that stops us in our tracks from going to “the other side of town”.

Sometimes we forget to brush off our clothes to remove the self righteousness dust that has accumulated. Self righteousness dust that prevents us from admitting we don’t have “it” together. And because of that, we don’t tell people about Jesus.

So stomp the dirt off your feet Church, clap the sand off your hands and dust off your clothes. It’s time to come INTO the presense of Jesus.

Simple. Obedient.

Automatically you get lined up. In alignment for His assignment. So YOU can be Effective.



For Him.

PRAY FOR: The Church and Pastors here to “get all excited and go tell everybody” that Jesus Christ is King.

PRAY FOR: Craig, Evan, Yvette and me as we have Fundraisers this weekend for the campaign. We need financial resources to slide into this assembly district, the playground that Jesus has called us to.

PRAY FOR: Protection and strength in Craigs and my marriage. We recognize the POWER of Prayer. Keep prayer purposeful and intentional in our marriage.

PRAY FOR: Effective and productive staff in our companies and campaign. We have a lot going on. We need the right people to do the right things.

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