Prayer Update – Dirty Laundry

By shellyhuey | Prayer Update

Jun 01

Hello everyone,

The race is on…again.  Thousands of Christians prayed, voted and brought about a miraculous victory.  Now we are facing a formidable foe.  

She has power, money and an army of support.  She is a giant in local politics, supported by big name politicians, and part of a very influential political family.  On the flip side, we are once again being cast as the underdog.  We have been described as a “nobody” who came out of nowhere.

Craig wanted me to tell everyone that on the surface they may be right, but when we look at the situation from the Lord’s perspective, we like the odds of the “nobody” coming out of nowhere. 

Through your prayers and the Lord’s help we will soon see an army of volunteers walking neighborhoods, making phone calls, and blanketing the south bay with yard signs.

Lord, may your army of nobodies shock and inspire our district and nation!

Director of Faith Based Coalitions


  • 400 Block/Precinct Captains
  • Increase the number of people praying for victory from 2,000 to 5,000.
  • Pray for an army of volunteers to walk the neighborhoods and make calls.
  • Pray that together we completely cover our South Bay with yard signs.
  • Increase in finances.
  • Wisdom for everyone involved with the campaign.
  • Pray that God’s love will be evident throughout all we do.

Dirty Laundry

Today I HAD to do laundry.  UGG!!   Every day we put on clothes, and most likely they end up getting dirty.  We throw them in the laundry basket and the clothes begin accumulate. It becomes one huge stinky, dirty, smelly pile.  Most people I know hate doing laundry.

It’s a pain. It never ends. And yet, we have to do it.

Tomorrow marks 40 days until Election Day in District 36.

And church, we NEED to do laundry. Our natural tendency is to PUT OFF doing laundry as long as possible.  Mostly we do laundry when it’s CONVENIENT.

Maybe you have allowed a pile of un-confessed sin to accumulate in your life.

Maybe you just continue to allow it to stack up. And that laundry basket of

guilt becomes heavy. It’s too heavy for you to even carry to the washing machine.

So you leave that basket in the dark corner of your lives.  Where no one can see it.

The only problem is… you know its there.  Because it smells.

So join US today. It may be INCONVENIENT, but we can’t afford to put it off any longer. Drag out that hidden laundry basket of un-confessed sin. Spill out all the contents of that basket before the throne of our Almighty God.

Confess it. Get rid of it.

And you know what? He will scoop up it up and lift that poured out basket of guilt.  He will carry it for you. He will take those filthy, dirty, smelly un-confessed sins and pour them into His Heavy Duty washing machine.

And He will pour out His powerful cleansing onto that smelly pile and you will become new, without a blemish, spot….not even a wrinkle.

He will forget and forgive what that smelly pile of dirty laundry was…forever.

Results? A FRAGRANT offering. To our Savior and Lord.  That’s what WE want

to be to District 36.  A FRESH representative of SERVANTHOOD.

Yes, it’s painful. Yes its continual. And yes we have to DO it.  Allow Him to make you fresh and clean.

Be the church.  Do YOUR dirty laundry today.

PRAY for:  revival within the church here in District 36, the state of California and the nation.

PRAY for: resources to come in, we are in desperate need for finances to fund this campaign.

PRAY for: favor from the media, regarding any press coverage.

PRAY for:  protection from deception lies or attacks from the opposition.

We KNOW that our LORD hears and answers the prayers of the righteous. We humbly thank you for pouring out your hearts on our behalf!