Prayer Update 7

By shellyhuey | Prayer Update

May 10
Hello everyone,
This is the last week!  One week from today we will go to the polls and vote for the person to represent us in Congress and we are praying and working to do everything possible to win this race!
Do you remember the testimony the Tea Party received when Scott Brown won in Massachusetts?  The nation was shocked that a Republican won in such a liberal state and asked how it was possible.  The testimony around the country was that the Tea Party votes ushered in this amazing victory.
Well, when we win this race it too will shock the nation, but it won’t be the Tea Part who gets the credit.  What sets our campaign apart from all the other candidates running is that we have thousands praying and the votes who will push us over the edge to victory will be the Christian community
The Lord will get the glory in this victory and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
As far as my prayer requests go, please read my wife’s update below.  The Lord has given her prayer topics to share and even called us to fast.  I’m sure you will be encouraged as you read and challenged at how He is directing us all spiritually in this final week.
We appreciate you all more than we can express.
To God be all the glory,


– 26,000 votes on May 17th

– 15,000 Christian votes

– 5,000 Christians praying

– $95,000 in donations this week

– 200 volunteers this final week


Just one person.


You took the challenge to pray.
Because of the power in you, the power of Jesus Christ…  You have influenced this District 36!
You have changed the course of history in the past six weeks.
You have moved mountains of doubt.  You have penetrated walls of fear.You have eroded pillars of pain.  You have broken down barriers of confusion.You have melted hardened hearts.  You have set captives free.

Your prayers are not only noticed…They are working!

Your prayers are moving rulers and authorities in heavenly realms (Eph 3:10)

Your prayers have made the powers and forces of evil in this District 36 tremble (Eph 6:12)

And its not over…

We have ONE week until Election Day, Tuesday May 17!!!

A lot of intense things can happen in ONEweek!!

Sooooo… I have another challenge for YOU!

I challenge you to join us in three POWERFUL things!

1. Continue to pray SPECIFICALLY for the church to rise up in this District 36 and GO TO THE POLLS and vote for CRAIG on Tues May 17!!  And for the Holy Spirit to remind them!! And that they will tell OTHERS to Vote for CRAIG!!

2. Read Genesis 1 and 2.  This is the account of Creation.  Where God took NOTHING and made it into Something EXTRAORDINARY!!!

And guess what?  This took one week!

(When God is “IN” anything, He WILL do beyond what we can imagine or think)

As you read Genesis, think in terms of this District and this campaign.

Pray for light to come out of the darkness that has its grip on this District.

Pray for immediate fruitfulness and multiplication in number to take place in the hearts of the Christians and them voting.  (if you notice in Genesis, everything God created was producing and bearing fruit of its kind, we as Christians need to DO the same) 

Pray for the Christians here to not be ashamed of the gospel.

Pray for Revival in this District 36.

Pray for Craig to have VICTORY on May 17th!

Pray that not just District 36 will see, hear and know that Craigs VICTORY is because of our LORD, but California will see, hear and know, the entire United States will see, hear and know, AND the WHOLE WORLD will see, hear and know that our LORD is GOD!!!(1 Samuel 17:47)

You are the church!

Declare the Victory!!

3.  You can join us in a corporate fast during this last week.

You can fast one meal, fast one day, do a Daniel fast (read Daniel1), or do the entire week.  We recommend that you go to for GREAT information on fasting.

Jesus not only tells us to pray but to fast.

There is AMAZING POWER in coupling your prayers WITH fasting.  Expect God to work miracles in this campaign and through your prayers and fasting!!

And… I am desperate to have feedback from you!

Just a few questions…

1. What has God revealed to you while praying for this campaign?

2. Where do you attend church?

3. How can we pray for you?

Please take a few minutes and send a reply to me @