Prayer Update 6

By shellyhuey | Prayer Update

May 03

Hello everyone,

Let’s begin this update with another praise report.  We have been praying for 15,000 Christian votes on May 17th and just got word that Pastor Steve Mays of Calvary Chapel South Bay is expecting my call.  What makes this speaking opportunity significant is that we’ve been told Pastor Steve has 15,000 attending his church!

We’ve also been asking for pray for media opportunities. We confirmed this week that Frank Pastore from 99.5, KKLA, said he wants me on his show and is looking to have me on this week!

We are also praising God to have multiple churches lined up this weekend.  Turns out now that I can’t even speak at all of them, great problem to have!  We had to make a video for one church and send representatives to speak at another on my behalf.

I’m also thrilled to report the growing partnership with the Hispanic community.  Several leaders are helping us with endorsements, speaking engagements, calls and precinct walking.   This kind of support is critical to winning this race and we are extremely excited and grateful for the partnership.

I’m praying that we finish this race strong and am feel so blessed at the opportunity to represent you in Congress.

Prayer opportunities and requests are listed below.




1.  South Bay National Day of Prayer Breakfast (May 5th)

7:30am to 9:00 at Torrance Marriot, 3635 Fashion Way in Torrance.
$25 to be paid at the door (cash or check).

We have a Craig Huey table reserved (Table #1)
2.  South Bay NDOP Noon Prayer (May 5th)

12 – 1:00 at Lomita City Hall, 24300 Narbonne Ave.
Free event with South Bay Pastors and leaders

3.  District 36 Prayer Drive (May 7th)

2:00pm at Campaign Headquarters, 23211 Hawthorne Ave. in Torrance.

Come by to pick up your district map with prayer points, then drive and pray the district!


1.  Pray for 15,000 Christians to vote May 17th

2.  Pray for 3,000 more to join our prayer team.

3.  Pray for 500 more volunteers.

Spiritual Warfare…You hear about it sometimes in sermons.  Your friend tells you about a problem and refers to it as “spiritual warfare.”  You might have even experienced it yourself…in one form or another.

In fact, if you are a Christian and you live your life for Jesus, then whether you realize it or not, you are ENGAGEDin spiritual warfare.

If you look at any strategically designed operation, there are key positions that demand trained obedient people.  Osama Bin Laden was not found by inexperienced, unaware, careless and disobedient civilians.  He was found by highly skilled, trained professional Navy Seals.

Last weekend, when we had our first “Drive 2 Win“, we were BLESSED with some highly skilled, trained professional prayer warriors.  You ask…. How do you know their credentials?  Did you interview them? Did they come with recommendations?

Nope. They just SHOWED UP.

They have had the most INTENSE training and the most HIGHLY SKILLED experiences. It’s called LIFE.  But it’s not just LIFE.  It’s ABUNDANT LIFE.  LIFE that TRANSFORMS. LIFE that OVERCOMES TRAGEDY.  LIFE that exudes BLESSINGS!


Because they have the blood of Jesus racing through their veins. They have Jesus Christs authority written over their life. They know that they can do ALL things through Jesus Christ. They know that His power will move mountains.And they KNOW that Jesus WILL use puny, nothing THEM to change District 36.That’s who SHOWED UP last weekend.

I wish you could have been there to meet them…to be encouraged and see and touch and talk to a REAL person who is WILLING to go to the front lines for

So while you are reading this, ask yourself, what is your position in the strategically designed operation of prayer for this campaign?  

Are you hunkered down in the foxhole?  Are you holding down the fort at the main base?  Are you receiving intel from the Commander in Chief?  Are you acting obediently from commands of the General?  Are you on the front lines?

Let me help you out with these answers…
Your answers should ALL be YES!!! BECUZ…
Your foxhole is your prayer closet.
Your main base is your home or your car.
Your Commander in Chief is God.
Your General is the Holy Spirit.
Your front lines surround you wherever you go every day.
There is NEVER a time that you are NOT engaged for JESUS CHRIST

If you are receiving our prayer updates then you are Called by God to Pray for this Campaign.  After all, You signed Up! 
God has QUALIFIED You!!!
God turns ordinary people like us who are willing and obedient to be POWERFUL WARRIORS.

So stick that armor on today and be ENGAGED for Jesus!

And we humbly THANK YOU for SHOWING UP and making a difference for the kingdom.

Shelly Huey