Prayer Update 5

By shellyhuey | Prayer Update

Apr 28

Hello everyone,

I want to start this update with a praise report.  Many of you have been praying for opportunities to get our message out to the Hispanic community.  Well, this week we booked a speaking engagement with one of the most influential Hispanic Churches in the district, Mission Ebenezer!  Pastor Canales is deeply respected and now has 3500 in his congregation.  We also have a letter going out to 55 Hispanic Pastors and coordinating a breakfast with several key leaders.  Now we are looking into Spanish radio and television.  We are as optimistic as ever and covet all your continued prayers.   

Please join me tomorrow morning as we pray with Christians from all over the country on the National Prayer Conference Call, and then jump in your car to join us at our first District 36 prayer drive.  The details are below.


1.  National Prayer Conference Call

I will be co-hosting the call this Saturday Morning, April 30, from 7am-9am.

The call in number is 712-432-0075 and the code # is 6149782#.

Please join us and invite your Christian friends.  We will be praying together, having some Q & A, and I’ll be sharing about the campaign.

2.  District 36 Prayer Drive

We are meeting at our headquarters this Saturday at 2:00.  Please read Shelly’s Corner below for details.


1.  Pray for 15,000 Christians to vote May 17th

2.  Pray for 4,000 more to join our prayer team.

3.  Wisdom for me and my staff.

4.  Open doors in radio and television.

5.  Pray for 1000 volunteers these last weeks.



 Drive 2 Win Tomorrow!!!

What:Prayer Drive around District 36
Where:Campaign Headquarters
23211 Hawthorne Blvd #200A 
Torrance (corner of Hawthorne and Lomita)
When:2PM Saturday April 30h
Why:To Declare That This District Is The Lords!
How:Drive The District
Who:YouThis is the time to engage WHO you are with WHAT the Lord IS doing!

You ask “What is the Lord Doing?”

He is awakening HIS church, HIS people in THIS place.

You my friend are living in a time unmatched by any other.

You are given an incredible opportunity.

An opportunity of a lifetime.

This is an opportunity to jump onboard the tsunami of revival that is taking place here in District 36.

You have the Name of Jesus written on your life.

The King of Kings is covering your spirit, your soul and your flesh.

Therefore, You have POWER.  More Power than you can imagine of think.

POWER to enact change.  POWER to move mountains. POWER to change lives.

All because of the blood of Jesus Christ and His matchless name.

PRAYER is the key to unlocking that POWER.

Yes, you can pray anywhere, anytime for anything.

But tomorrow is special.

Tomorrow is a SPECIFIC opportunity to unite with believers to engage the POWER that God has given

To be like Joshua… and ADVANCE! March around the city (Joshua 6:7)

Put wheels to your prayers and DRIVE the district!

Expect God to move and work miracles here in THIS place.

Expect God to move and work miracles NOW in YOUR life.

Expect God to move and work miracles TOMORROW through YOU.

Come @ 2

YOU will be blessed.


Shelly Huey