Prayer Update 3

By shellyhuey | Prayer Update

Apr 19

Hello everyone,

We are about four weeks away from victory.  We now have every weekend booked at South Bay Churches, even one on Easter Sunday!

We are thanking God for His favor.  Did you read the article making it’s way around the South Bay?  It’s titled, “Craig Huey and Janice Hahn lead in CA 36 special election.”  You can read it here

May the Lord bless you all for your faithful prayers. 



Our goal is to have 50,000 votes on May 17th and to have a tithe or 5,000 people praying. 

We currently have  950 receiving this e-mail and praying with many more yet to be added.


Please pray for 20 more churches to set up voter and absentee registration tables.

Please pray that we add 4000 more Christians to pray for this campaign.

Please ask the Lord to bring 50,000 people out May 17th to vote for me.  We believe we will need about 20,000 of them to be Christians.

Please pray for hundreds of volunteers to join us in making calls and walking our South Bay neighborhoods.

Pray that we can get into Calvary Chapel South Bay to tell the congregation about the campaign.

Pray for open doors into the Hispanic community.

Finally, please continue to cover my family and I in your prayers as well as continued wisdom and unity in my staff as we press in these last four weeks.


Once again, thank you all for making a difference in this campaign through your prayers.  I want to share a word of encouragement with you today followed by specific prayer requests.

I address you as conquerors today because I want to remind you that you already have VICTORY over EVERY THING in your life because of Jesus Christ.

Recognize that victory, acknowledge that victory, proclaim that victory and you will ACT like a conqueror.

You don’t feel like you ACT like a conqueror?

Maybe you have put God in a box.  You have decided that He just isn’t BIG enough to handle your problem or impossible situation.  So you stick God in
a box.  You decide how and when God will be let out of the box to do His work.  You contain Him.  In fact, you stuck a lock on that box and refuse to let God out.  You are afraid of what letting Him out would do to your impossible circumstance.  

You are much more qualified to tackle your impossible situation than you may realize becuase you know all the players.  You know all the “what ifs”.  You can handle your impossible problem pretty good after all. You don’t need God to help, or you don’t need God to work behind the scenes.  So you leave Him in the box…locked up…secure and comfortable.

What you don’t realize is that God KNOWS the combination of that LOCK.  He KNOWS what it’s gunna take to unlock that box YOU have stuffed Him in.And you Know what else?  As much as you want to, and as hard as you may try…God CANNOT be contained!!!!  1 Kings 8:27 

But will God really dwell on earth?
The heavens, even the highest heavens CANNOT contain you!

Christian, we SERVE a BIG God!!! Nothing is too Big for Him!!!!

Soooo…. You wanna ACT like a conqueror?  Unlock that box!

Just like the old school combination locks we had for our bikes, this lock is opened by lining up all the numbers in order.

1.  Repent/Confess – Explain your fear, lack of faith, pride and whatever else that has allowed you to put God in that box.
2.  Acknowledge – That God is uncontainable.
3.  I’m – Take the “im” out of impossible, and it spells POSSIBLE. Which basically means take yourself (I’m) out of the situation, and allow God in.
4.  Speak – Victory over that impossible situation in your life
5. Expect- When God is released from that box, miracles will happen

Follow this process and you will ACT like a conqueror!!!

If you noticed, the 5 steps to unlock the box you stuck God in spells RAISE.  That’s what we wanna see happen to the church, for it to RAISE up as a MIGHTY FORCE!!!

This week is already becoming a packed schedule for Craig and our dedicated campaign staff.  We are so blessed to have a group of true servants who are trained professionals in this campaign.  The sacrifices they make on a daily basis are huge. The time they devote to this campaign is immense and purposeful. We expect these efforts to pay off in ways that will surprise and encourage people nationwide.

Pray for continued favor or Craig as well as endurance, focus and strength. For me, physical healing and energy.

Pray for volunteers to flood the Campaign Headquarters to help walk the neighborhoods, man the phones, put out lawn signs, etc.

Pray for continued funds to come in from everywhere.

Pray specifically for endorsements form key leaders and organizations.

Pray for radio and TV appearances.

Pray for pastors of churches here to rise up and encourage their congregations to be “salt and light”

Pray for a nationwide prayer team

Pray for a massive move of the Holy Spirit to sweep over this area and revive The Church.

Because God cannot be contained…

YOU are an UNSTOPPABLE force!!!

Be launched in His love,

Shelly Huey