Perfectly Positioned

By shellyhuey | Prayer Update

May 18

My world these past few months has been…
Trauma. Blood. Pain. Physicians. Hospitals.
Life Giving Machines. IV’s. Medicine.
What I have seen is overwhelming.
What I have witnessed first hand is life and death scenarios.
Lives of loved ones literally hanging on by a thread.
Incredible suffering.
Despite all that; I’m beyond thankful for His Miracles in the midst of the mess.
I am reminded that the Majority of the entire World has…
Trauma. Blood. Pain.
Yet the Physicians are hard to come by.
And the Hospitals are far and few between.
Life Giving Machines are usually not available.
IV’s are found at a minimum.
Medicine is lacking and limited.
Incredible suffering.
Despite all that; I’m beyond thankful for His Miracles in the midst of the mess.
I notice that planted in the middle of incredible suffering are perfectly positioned glimpses of His glory and grace.
They have faces and names. They are there at the right time. And in the right place.
Luis is a security guard on the ICU floor. He is strategically seated right at the entrance to the ICU wing. He checks visitors ID’s when they come on the floor to see a loved one. Luis carefully writes down each visitor name and time.
Seen as an inconvenience to pretty much everyone; Luis still smiles.
I asked him why he smiles, surrounded by a constant sea of sickness and grief stricken families. He told me every name in each ICU bed he prays for. And he prays for their families. Luis said he has seen Miracle after Miracle on that floor. God has moved in Miraculous ways on behalf of His people through Luis. Luis is a glimpse of His glory and grace. Perfectly positioned to pray in the middle of incredible suffering.
Lucy works in housekeeping on the Cardiac floor. She goes from room to room emptying trash filled with bloody, soiled bandages and refreshes the cans with new clean liners. A thankless, dirty job. Yet, Lucy smiles and greets patients and their families. We asked her why she had such a great countenance. She laughed, pointed up and said “It’s because of my Lord Jesus!” She shared how she gets to testify of Gods supernatural Love to patients that are chronically ill and dying. What a gift she has been given. Lucy is a glimpse of His glory and grace.
Perfectly positioned to speak truth in the middle of incredible suffering.
Forgive Us Father for We the Church are surrounded by a constant sea of a sin sick culture, and even though We know Jesus is the Cure; We tend to drown in waves of compromise, causing You grief.
Forgive Us Father for We the Church tend to Act like the majority of the World.
We like to stay in Our emotional trauma, bleed out all of Our problems, and continually talk about Our pain from the past.
Forgive Us Father for We the Church can “know” that You are the Great Physician; but believe that You are hard to come by.
Maybe We forgot that Your Hospital is Your Presence. (Psalm 46:1)
Maybe We forgot that Your Life Giving Machine is Your Holy Spirit.
And He is Always Available.
Maybe We forgot that You stick Your Living Water in Our IV’s.
Abundant and Overflowing. (John4:13,14)
Your life might feel like You are just hanging on by a thread.
You may feel overwhelmed by everything You have had to see.
You may have been placed in the middle of incredible suffering.
Jesus has already checked Your ID. He has already written Your Name on His list.
And You are not just His visitor. You are in His family.
In fact, You are strategically seated right next to Him. (Ephesians 2:6)
Not an inconvenience. But wanted. And loved.
He already did the thankless, dirty job of dying on the cross for You.
So You can be a Miracle to Others.
In the midst of Your Mess.
You have been Perfectly Positioned for glimpses of His grace and glory.
Just Ask. Believe. Receive. (Mark 11:24)
Franklin Graham is in CA this month preaching Repentance and Revival.
Thanks be to God, Lord knows CA needs it!!! We are seeing and hearing about Revival all over this state!!! Pray. Invite. Attend!!!
The over 120 Pastors who attended Church United in Sacramento a few weeks ago. From throughout CA, these Pastors met and prayed with State Senators and Members of the State Assembly. Prayer and Praise echoed throughout the Capitol. There is a Supernatural move of the Holy Spirit towards Revival through these men and women. Expect Revival in their churches and communities!! (
Election Forums. Craig and me are speaking to audiences about how to vote your biblical values, as well as going down the ballot in a non-partisan presentation.
So far the turnout for these events has been amazing. People in CA are sick of the corrupt politicians and desperately want change. To see schedule, go to (
Continued prayer for our son Cory, who is in recovery from being shot 5 times by gang bangers trying to rob him on March 5. Please watch brief video for update. Also, please pray the shooter, Alberto Hernandez, 17, is found by Him and justice will be done.

Last week my dad, Jack, went to the ER. He was in afib, high heart rate, hard time breathing. He was discharged yesterday with a Life Vest, which is a wearable defibrillator. He is diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. He is praising God he is stable and back home.

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