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Nov 06

At our office, we have vendor accounts, client files, websites, and software, all which require passwords to access them. I had to update this enormous password protected document this week. One word unlocks this entire document.
So that I can make the changes that are needed.
I’m the only person that is allowed to make any changes to it.

What power. What freedom. What a bore. So tedious.
The monotony and rigidity of looking so intently at a computer screen, saps my sense of passion and adventure. I felt like I was the walking dead.
I was created for so much more than this.
Thank God this is an update that I seldom have to do.
At the end of the day, my neck was killing me. My neck was so stiff. I had to get help.
Thankfully my chiropractor was ready and willing to assist me.

All men, women, youth and children require a one-word password to access their locked hearts. Almighty God houses and updates an enormous password protected document of ALL humans every day.
He is the Only Person allowed to make changes to it.
What power.
What freedom.
Not boring. Not tedious.

Forgive Us God when We the Church believe that You are boring.
Forgive Us God when We the Church speak like You are rigid.
Forgive Us God when We the Church act like the walking dead.

Maybe We forgot that Our tendency is to be a stiff-necked people. (Acts 7:51)
Maybe We forgot that unconfessed sin saps our sense of passion for You.
(Psalm 32:3,4)
Maybe we forgot that One Word password that accesses our hearts is JESUS.
Giving Us Eternal Protection.

Confessing The Name of Jesus unlocks cold monotonous hearts. (Romans 10:9)
You might need a chiropractic adjustment to Your spiritual stiff neck.
Jesus looks intently at the computer screen of Your destiny and sees an Adventure.
After all…
You were created for so much more than this. (Ephesians 3:20)

The Holy Spirit to raise up a mighty army of prayer warriors here in Southern California. As well as throughout this nation. Isaiah 61:11

Pastors to be willing to not just teach truth, but mobilize the people to “Go and Do”
And make a difference for Jesus in their local community. Not just within the walls or parking lots of the church.

We currently have some client projects running that need to do well in the marketplace. Please pray they will be recurring business. Also please pray for new business to close. We have many proposals currently out that prospects need to sign the work orders for.

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