Orchestrated Glory

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Nov 15

In January 2007, at a Washington DC Metro Station, a man with a violin played Bach for 45 minutes. During that time about 2,000 people walked past. Most of them were on their way to work. The musician played CONTINUOUSLY. Only 6 adults STOPPED and LISTENED for a short time. The kids, without exception, wanted to stop and listen. As their parents rushed by and DRAGGED them on, they turned their heads EAGERLY towards him. About 20 people dropped money into his violin case. He collected a total of $32.

When he stopped playing it was silent.
No one noticed. No one applauded.
No recognition.

The violinist was Joshua Bell, one of the greatest musicians in the world. He played one of the most intricate masterpieces ever written. He played UNBELIEVABLE MUSIC…on a violin worth 3.5 million dollars! Two days before, Joshua Bell SOLD OUT a theatre in Boston where the seats averaged $100. The Washington Post organized this as a social experiment about peoples TASTE, PERCEPTION and PRIORITIES.

True story. Pretty horrific results.

God moves CONTINUOUSLY in our lives every day.
He doesn’t stop working in the Metro Stations of our lives.

While we are working.
While we rush through life.
While we are preoccupied with getting places.

He relentlessly orchestrates things for our good…we just don’t see it sometimes.

Admit that your TASTE for things of the Lord is tainted.
Admit that your PERCEPTION of who God is has been blinded.
Admit that your PRIORITIES are yours, not His.
Admit that you have not STOPPED and LISTENED to Him.

Like those kids, even if you feel like you’re being DRAGGED away, turn your head EAGERLY towards Him.

Allow The work of His hands to serenade your preoccupied soul.
Allow His Majesty to play out loud even in the middle of your silence.
Allow His Glory to penetrate your rushed day.


You are designed as an INTRICATE MASTERPIECE. Your worth is well over 3.5 million to Jesus and He wants to take a hold of you and play UNBELIEVABLE MUSIC to the lost world. Jesus wants you to be a SOLD OUT performance for Him.

True story. Glorifying results.

PRAY FOR: We are rallying together Pastors that attended the South Bay Day of Repentance for a Pastors Breakfast this Friday. Pray for divine guidance, inspiration and vision. Pray more Pastors will desire to join us.

PRAY FOR: Craig made his public announcement yesterday. Pray that the word spreads rapidly to the right people and we receive the support needed to win in 2012.

PRAY FOR: The people that attended the South Bay Day of Repentance to continue to be filled with the fresh wind, fresh fire of the Holy Spirit…for that “new spark” that was ignited to continue to catch fire in the hearts of more believers.

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