Once Again

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Jul 23

The other day I was in pain.

So I was feeling a little frustrated, a little discouraged.
A little overwhelmed. A little defeated. A little tired. A little pressured.
One of my friends happend to call me. He and his lovely wife live in another state. He prayed with me on the phone. And I felt better. What POWER there is in prayer.

He knows me and Craig.
He knows our jam packed and abundant life.
He knows about our business, the campaign, the kids.
He knows enough about us to be considered a close friend.

When he calls, I’m always encouraged. His prayers are specific and targeted. His prayers are anointed. He prays with the unstoppable power of the Holy Spirit. And that power BLASTS through my frustration. DESTROYS my discouragement. DIGS THE DIRT OFF of my overwhelming heaviness. RELEASES the intense pressures. When I hang up the phone I’m REENERGIZED, REACTIVATED and ready to take on the world.


I love Mark 2:13. ONCE AGAIN, Jesus went out beside the lake.
He didn’t stop going out… to Minister, to Teach, to Pray, to Heal, to Deliver.
In this passage, God made a point of mentioning Jesus was BESIDE the lake.

Maybe your lake is a body that doesn’t work that well. A pool of helplessness sits heavy on your weak flesh.
Maybe your lake is a disappointing relationship. A memory of lost love sits alone, isolated on stagnant waters.
Maybe your lake is an overwhelming addiction. A flood of attempted removal has mocked your failed thoughts.
Maybe your lake is a frustrating and dead end career path. A torrent of dead dreams have created a sea of forgetfulness.
Maybe your lake is a discouraging financial situation. An outpouring of debt circles your very being like a cesspool.

Jesus wants to be beside Your Lake.

He wants to transform your helplessness into hope.
He wants to transform your isolation into abiding in HIM.
He wants to transform your failed attempts into victory.
He wants to transform your dead dreams into new vision.
He wants to transform your debt into generosity.

He knows ALL about you. He knows ALL about your jam packed and abundant life. He knows your business. He considers you a close friend. He like my friend who lives in another state. He is seated to the right of God Almighty. He calls you. He’s got your number. You just have to pick it up and answer.
And you will hear how HE is interceding for You. Specific, targeted, anointed prayers. Daily. All the time. Nonstop.

ONCE AGAIN, invite Jesus to come be beside Your Lake.

He will Minister to You, right next to your lake.
He will Teach You, right next to your lake.
He will Heal You, right next to your lake.
He will Deliver You, right next to your lake.

And as You allow him to do that…He becomes bigger and You will notice that Your lake gets smaller. And in His Sovereignty, He might allow Your lake to be completely gone. And You will be Reactivated. Energized. Ready to take on the world.


PRAY FOR: Christians in this area to rise up and through the power of the Holy Spirit be the ministers, teachers, healers and deliverers. We need to be reactivated and reenergized for His glory.

PRAY FOR: Craig and I to be surrounded by a mighty force of prayer warriors for this campaign. We know that prayer penetrates darkness and moves mountains. Pray for this newsletter (Victory Update) to be resent and multiplied. We are engaged in a huge spiritual battle for the state of California.

REMINDER: Prayer for the campaign is starting at our house THIS
Monday night and will continue EVERY Monday night until the election. Please come. We will be praying from 7-830pm. Also, starting August 4th we will be praying EVERY Saturday morning at the Campaign Headquarters from 8am-9.

ACTIVATE: My friend that called me is Mikel French. He is an international evangelist, speaker and church planter. Hundreds of thousands have heard and received the good news of Jesus Christ through Mikel. He has been specifically targeting Russia for 18 years. Because he trains pastors and youth as well, his ministry is seen as a THREAT by the Russian government. Just this week, the government has moved their scheduled August event to a more expensive location near Moscow, in hopes that Mikel will cancel.
He is forced to raise another $31,000 in the next 26 days. Thousands of youth are expected to attend.
You get the opportunity to be like Jesus and come next to Mikels lake of overwhelming financial responsibility. Please go to mikelfrench.org.
REACTIVATE Mikel to fight the good fight in a desperate dark country.
You will be a part of the voice that saves. Not just in August. Not just in Russia.
But for Eternity.

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