Not In Service

By shellyhuey | Victory Update

Jan 30

It was ahead of us on the freeway. We didn’t really pay attention to it until it decided to change lanes and cross over into ours. The cars in front of us had to slow down to accommodate it. It was a huge behemoth. It took up the whole lane. It was wide and tall. Its size blocked our vision. Not a good move. So we changed lanes to get around it and get past it. As we drove by, we noticed it was completely empty. No one was sitting in the seats. Just the driver. The big bus had a LED scrolling destination sign in the front. Instead of a destination, it said “Not in Service”. That explained why it was empty.

Who knew where it was going. Or where it came from.

It was just there, taking up space on the freeway.

Forgive Us Father that when We the Church are on the freeways of Our life decisions, sometimes We get ahead of You and Your will.

Forgive Us Father that when We the Church don’t really pay attention to Your word or direction for Our lives, We try to get around You. We end up crossing over from Your perfect will into Your permissive will. Not a good move.

Forgive Us Father that We the Church can forget that Our pride looks like a huge behemoth to You and takes up the whole lane of Our wisdom, so much so that it blocks Our vision.

Maybe we forgot that sometimes We need to slow down to accommodate You.

Despite Our sin You are ready to fill once again Our empty hearts with Your forgiveness and love. (1John 1:9)

Maybe We forgot that We are not supposed to be just taking up space in the pews of Our churches.  (Acts 1:8)

Maybe we forgot where We are going or where We came from. Or even Our destination.  (Romans 8:30)

“IN SERVICE”… it’s just a touch of a few keystrokes to remove the word NOT.

You get to change lanes and remove that word today.

Be IN SERVICE for Him.

Be ready to be driven by His Holy Spirit.

Let Him light up Your LED display for His glory. (Acts 13:47)


Craig and I are heading to Medellin, Columbia for a business related event. Pray for our safety, divine appointments and connections there.


The Holy Spirit to bring Deliverance and Healing upon our nation. Pray for the body of Christ to wake up and recognize that we are to be Ministers of Reconciliation. We want to see a National Day of Repentance ASAP.


Protection for Pastors and their families who continue to fight the culture wars with the word of the Lord, in CA and in this country. They will be blessed for what they do. Only 7% of Evangelicals voted this past election in CA. And we wonder why we have such corruption in this state.

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