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May 19

A few weeks ago, our son Cory was texting Amanda; his dear friend.  Later in the day, he received a text from Amanda’s best friend.  It was the type of news that you never want to hear.  She was jogging and got hit by a car.  The text said she was in a medical induced coma.  Many broken ribs, broken wrist and badly bruised.

The biggest concern was the swelling in her brain.  Because her head hit a tree.

An impossible situation. Our son was shocked. Horrified.  He had just talked to her. He did not know what to do.  Except pray.  And we did too. We enlisted prayer warriors on her behalf.  And many people throughout Southern California mobilized.

Amanda was in ICU and on life support.  She couldn’t MOVE or SPEAK. Cory was in constant contact via text with Amanda’s dad, who was right by her side.  He gave us updates on Amanda, so we knew exactly how to pray.  Several days into this, the doctors said it didn’t look good.  They said that Amanda would most likely have brain damage.  Then her blood pressure started to drop.  It soon became a life and death scenario. They had no choice but to take her out of the medically induced coma.  We cried out to God for a miracle that night.  When patients are taken out of a medically induced coma, they do not respond or react right away.  They especially do not talk.  At 2:00am, I received a text from Cory.  When the anesthesiologist removed her breathing tube; Amanda spoke.  Not only did she speak; she said, “God’s not dead!”  The anesthesiologist was floored; he had never seen anything like it.  Her parents had tears of joy running down their faces.  Several days later, Amanda was discharged!  She is WALKING and TALKING. Last week, she took her finals at Long Beach State.  She is graduating!
God is NOT dead.  He is very alive. He continues to do miracles.  Nothing is impossible for Him.

Forgive us God that We the Church sometimes behave like we are in a medical induced coma.  Incapable of MOVING in love to the lost, unable to SPEAK the whole gospel truth to them.

Forgive us God that We the Church have allowed our brains to become swollen with vast resources of knowledge of You, but we seldom want to apply it to our lives.

Forgive us God that We the Church are bombarded daily with horrific and shocking news that we don’t want to hear.  And we don’t know what to do.
So we don’t.

Maybe we forgot that even though our lives are broken and badly bruised, Your Holy Spirit gives the best Intensive Care. (2 Corin 1:3-5)

Maybe we forgot that You are our One and Only life support. Our every breath.

Our every heartbeat.  (Job 33:4)

Maybe we forgot that You are constantly by our side.  And we get to have constant contact with You via Prayer.  (Psalm 34:4)

Breathe into us, Almighty God.  Your breath of life, restoration and revival.
Infuse in us the truth that You are Not Dead.
Instill in us the truth that You still Do the Impossible.
So we can wake up, rise up and speak up.  So You can Do Miracles Thru US.
Discharge US!!!
So We can WALK with You and TALK about Jesus.
To the lost, hurting and broken.
And tears of joy will run down Your face.

PRAISE: This past month Craig and I have presented Election Forums to over 25 Churches and Organizations!  Go to to see how to vote your values and view our current schedule.
Last week we were in Diamond Bar, Lake Arrowhead, San Diego and Long Beach.
We have been blessed with attentive audiences and trust me; salvation, mobilization and empowerment of the Holy Spirit took place!!!

PRAISE:  I was able to witness a revival this past Friday night.  Right here in the South Bay.  The Women’s Retreat was not only well attended at Calvary Chapel South Bay, but the Holy Spirit moved in a powerful and demonstrated way.  Salvation, deliverance and healing took place in many lives! Please continue to pray for revival here in the South Bay.  Lord knows we need it!!!

PRAY: These last few weeks before the June 2 primary, we will be in Torrance multiple times, Temecula, La Habra, Big Bear and La Habra Heights.  Please pray for people to be inspired to attend and ready to learn how to vote their values.

PRAY: As we prepare for the General Election in November, most churches we have been to, are already booking us.  Pray for favor for more pastors and churches to open their doors to this critical and urgent teaching and mobilization.

PRAY: We may be given the opportunity to speak at churches in specific areas for the elections throughout the state, not just Southern California.  Pray God would open those doors.  Pray for provision for transportation and resources.

PRAY:  That God would remove the spirit of stupor that blankets a lot of His people.  (Romans 11:8) That this would be replaced with a spirit of urgency for the gospel.  We are in the last days and He is raising up a mighty army.  We need more laborers. There is a huge harvest out there.

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