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Aug 16

Watching professional sports on TV is unrealistic compared to actually being at the game.

The camera angles and shots are always right where the ACTION is…unless you have premium seats. Like on the fifty yard line. Or by the dugout. Or on the center court floor. Where the game is SERIOUSLY up close and personal.

When you are sitting that close, it’s hard NOT to pay attention to the entire game. The distractions are few, because you are following every play. In fact, if you are seated in the right spot, like right next to the team, you can even hear what the coach says during time outs.

So awesome to hear what happens NEXT.
So cool to be “in on” knowing what actually is going on.

Even though you’re not on the team. You feel like you’re part of it. The atmosphere there is ELECTRIC. You follow every move. You’re on the edge of your seat in anticipation. People sitting in this section are hardcore sports fanatics and they are willing to pay the price for the premium seats.

Not the same dynamics in the Nosebleed Sections of professional sports stadiums.

Far removed, the top rows of the arena command an amazing view. From this vantage point, the playing field is so small and the players look like TINY DOTS. It’s hard to pay attention to the game. DISTRACTIONS are constant. The atmosphere is chaotic. From food vendors to obnoxiously loud fans, there is too much to look at besides the game. People seated here typically KICK BACK in their seats. Not really anticipating much. DISCONNECTED. Not feeling like they are part of the game.

People still do follow the game, but it’s from a distance. Not UP CLOSE and PERSONAL. Not feeling like you’re really part of what is going on, it’s easy to get up and go to the snack bar and not mind that you’re missing something. There are some hardcore sports fanatics sitting in this section too because they just didn’t want to pay the price for the premium seats.

Maybe you are in the Nosebleed Section with your walk with Jesus.
Maybe you are so far removed from Jesus, that your life feels like a small playing field and you are just a TINY DOT.
Maybe it’s hard for you to pay attention to Jesus in your life, because the DISTRACTIONS are constant.
Maybe your life is chaotic and obnoxiously loud. And there is too much to look at besides Jesus.

So you become DISCONNECTED. You might feel like you are not part of the game. Maybe You have KICKED BACK in your seat long enough. Not really anticipating much. Maybe you still follow Jesus, but it’s from a distance. Not UP CLOSE and PERSONAL. So it’s easy for you to get up and go to the snack bar of despair wanting to find something that will soothe your pain, calm your fears or ease your frustration.

You forgot that you have a premium seat. Jesus paid for it for you 2000 years ago. Because He is a hardcore YOU fanatic.

He wants you to be so SERIOUSLY close to Him that You will follow His every play in your life.
He wants you to be able to be right where the ACTION is.
He wants you to be “in on” what is actually going on.
He wants you to hear HIS voice when He gives you a time out, because He is your coach.

And You will feel like you are part of His team. Because you are.

So get out of the Nosebleed Section, run down the bleachers and take back your premium seat.

BTW, Your seat isn’t on the fifty yard line. Or by the dugout. Or on the center court floor.
It’s better than all of those places combined.
It’s right at the base of His throne.
Positioned with access to do all things through Him. Phil 4:13
Sit at His feet. Soak up His grace. Immerse yourself in his forgiveness.
And the atmosphere around you will be ELECTRIC.

You will follow His every move.
You will sit on the edge of your seat in anticipation of what He will do NEXT.

PRAISE REPORT: I am rejoicing! The Lord has healed me! Not too long ago, I was diagnosed with Lupus. The doctor’s told me there was no cure. That I would have to learn to live with the pain. Well, apparently my doctors aren’t aware that the Holy Spirit dwells in this temple and can do immeasurably more than any doctor here on earth. NOTHING is impossible for our God!
PRAY REQUEST: Election season will be in full force after Labor Day. Please pray for wisdom for Craig and the team as well as all the volunteers who come to help.
PRAY REQUEST: Pray for finances to continue to pour into the campaign so we can communicate our message to the community.
PRAYER REQUEST: Pray that God is glorfied through all we do.

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