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Oct 19

A friend of mine was addicted to drugs. Big time.

He described his typical day for me. He would roll out of bed with the first thought thinking “where am I going to get my next fix”. He would strategically plan out his day, to hook up with his dealer. He would frantically try to text him. Or sometimes he would actually call his phone. And if his dealer didn’t respond, he immediately left his house. Showering and breakfast was not a priority. He had to find his dealer. He knew where to look. Usually his search was not long.

My friend had to have his drugs. He did not know how to function without it. He would do whatever it took. He was on a mission everyday. He made sure that everyday that mission was possible. Once he made his connection and got his drugs, he was fine for a few hours. Until the high wore off and he immediately started his search once again. Continual addiction.

What persistence he had.
What unstoppable drive.
What relentless dedication.

You could even call his behavior passionate. Just down the wrong path. A path leading to destruction.

We need to be ADDICTED to prayer. Big time.

Our typical day should start with the first thought being “ I need to talk to Jesus”. We should be strategically planning our day so we can hook up with our Lord. We should have that same urgency to want to communicate. Need to talk with Him. Not just send super short “text” sized prayers, but actually call out to Him. And be willing to go outside and away from our comfort zone. After all, Jesus did that when He was here.

Things that are important like showering and breakfast, pale in comparison to talking with our Almighty God.

We have to have it.
We don’t know how to function without it.
We should do whatever it takes.
We should be on a mission every day to sit at His throne. And make sure that everyday that mission to be with Him is POSSIBLE.

Continual addiction. Ephesians 6:18
Unstoppable drive.
Relentless dedication.

You could even call it passionate behavior. Down the right path. A path leading to sanctification.

Join us as we continue our search for PRAYER ADDICTS. (click here)

We have only a few weeks left until Nov 6. And we desperately need Your help. Certain things can be vulnerable for attack.

1. Protection. We need it for our electricity, computers, phones and data. So much depends on these things remaining intact. And that data is not lost or corrupted. A lot of critical information is being exchanged on a continual basis. Pray for nothing to be sabotaged in any way. Any attempt to destroy will fall flat. And be revealed.
And backfire.

2. Protection. Craig’s character, business and integrity. Me and our family. Evan and family. Purposeful and intentional attacks have attempted to destroy us. Pray every bit of it will backfire. Pray all of the attacks will fall on deaf ears and blind eyes. God is our defender and shield. He is our stronghold. He is much bigger than any lie or distortion that the father of lies can spew out of the pit.

3. A Powerful Uprising of Gods People that will Vote their Values. We need a massive outpouring of the Holy Spirit to revive the Church in an unprecedented way. Not just for the Assembly seat Craig is running in, but for our entire state.
And our entire nation.

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