Lost Keys

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Jun 30

A few weeks ago, even though I didn’t look like it, I was sick.

With the flu.

Overall body aches, severe exhaustion, massive headaches. Trapped in a fog, my mind was just not functioning at its peak. One day, I came home and literally collapsed on our comfortable couch. The next day, I stayed home, hoping to recover from this siege of being drained. It wasn’t until I needed something from my car, that I noticed I couldn’t find my car and house keys.

I looked everywhere in the house.

I always leave my keys in the same places. But they were not there. I was annoyed, and impatient. Craig tried to rescue me, by helping me retrace my steps. Nothing helped. They were gone. I gave up searching. Thank God we had a spare set.

In the back of my mind, I still couldn’t believe those keys were gone. They had to be somewhere in the house. One night, I decided to barbecue and went outside to fire up the grill. As I turned around to come back into the house, I slid open the screen door and glanced over to one of the deck chairs. And much to my surprise, I discovered my keys were right there on the deck, next to the chair.

Right where I left them.

Wow. I had an immediate reaction of incredible elation.

“Thank You Jesus” came out of my mouth. I raced inside to tell Craig the good news.

“I found the keys!!!” I felt like I got my life back.

Forgive Us Father for We the Church may not look sick, but We are. We realize that typically We don’t come to You unless We need something. So, overall Our Church body aches and We are severely exhausted. (Revelation 3:17)

Forgive Us Father for We the Church are just not functioning at Our peak, when We see the lack of Our influence on our culture and We tend to behave like We are trapped in a fog of self satisfaction. (Revelation 3:15)

Forgive Us Father for We the Church hope to recover from this siege of being drained, but We still collapse on the comfortable couch of Superficiality.
(Revelation 3:1)

Maybe We forgot where We put the keys to Your Heart. So We can act justly. So We can love mercy. So we can walk humbly with You. And much to Our surprise, they are right where We left them. On the heavenly decks next to Your chair. (Micah 6:8)

Maybe We forgot that Your Holy Spirit wants to be found again by Us and reignited again by You.  Only You can fire up the grills of our hearts. Your igniter is always on.

Maybe We forgot that in Our annoyance and impatience You continue to rescue Us, help Us retrace Our disobedient steps, so We can turn around (repent) and slide open the screen door of Your grace once again.

With Him We get to unlock doors that were previously shut.
With Him We get to open new opportunities to spread the good news.

With Him We get to drive the One and Only Hope Jesus to a lost world.

Race to tell others.

You will say “Wow” and “Thank You Jesus” when You are used by Him.

An immediate reaction of incredible elation!

Don’t forget Your keys. Get Your life back. We have a lot to do.

A bill (HR 790) is being introduced in Congress, (it’s currently in committee) for the USA to have a National Day of Repentance. Pray it passes. Lord knows this nation needs it!!! Go to www.Congress.gov for more info.

Pastors and leaders within the church. Pray the Holy Spirit by His love would convict those that may be caught in the dangerous web of self-satisfaction and superficiality that penetrates our culture. And all will see a humbled and authentic result.

We are in the beginning stages of planning a meeting on Capitol Hill with Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and other national Christian leaders to further the cause of the Assyrian Christians who have fled or are in Iraq and Syria via Stop the Christian Genocide Act.  We will update you as this comes together.

The meeting in NY with national evangelical leaders and Donald Trump was historic and unprecedented (this type of gathering has never happened before).

The people in that room represented organizations and churches that influence and impact most of the nation. The meeting overall was good. Donald Trumps last words to us were “You don’t know how much power you have.” The meeting ending with everyone on their knees in prayer. There is incredible power in that humbled unity!!! I wish Donald Trump could have stayed until the end to see and participate in that!!!

Something exciting is happening in the Christian world here in the US.

It’s called revival. And I believe we saw that starting within that meeting.

Keep praying for revival, it’s here and it’s now. God is on the move!

Let me know what you think. Email me at shellynotw@gmail.com.

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