Last Call

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Oct 03

It’s been a while since I’ve heard this.

In bars and restaurants, the bar STOPS SERVING alcohol at 2am. About 15 minutes before closing, the servers will start announcing “last call” to your table. This gives you and your friends the opportunity to PLACE AN ORDER for another drink. REFRESHING. The last drink. Hence, the “last call”. The bartender is PREPARED for this last minute rush. Trust me, he is never left standing there at the bar all alone. Embarrassed. Almost always, people that are still partying will MAKE THE MOST of this opportunity. They know there are no chances left.

Sometimes they urgently rush the bar in a panic.
Sometimes they decide they want to buy another “round” for everyone at the table.

Regardless of peoples reactions to last call, the server is the one to watch. Management tells the servers that this is really the most CRITICAL TIME of the night. The servers are directed to make sure everyone hears “last call”. The server literally goes into OVERDRIVE. The server is almost RUNNING to all their assigned tables, they have such a short time to tell EVERYONE. And the servers tone of voice is usually quite insistent, but loving, because they know that the bar WILL close at 2am. Every night.

Forgive us God becuz we the Church forgot that we too have “assigned tables” of lost people that we serve. At home, at work, in our neighborhood.

Forgive us God becuz we the Church forgot that for some of those lost people TODAY may be their “last call” here on earth, and that we failed to serve them the good news of Jesus Christ.

Forgive us God becuz we the Church forgot that we are living in the most CRITICAL TIME in history. The end times. The last church. Revelation 3:14-22

And maybe we have decided a long time ago to STOP SERVING the gospel to the lost…because it’s easier to let the Pastors do it.

Forgive us God becuz some of our Pastors hesitate, even though they are PREPARED, to give the lost an “altar call” opportunity at our churches. Because they are afraid that no one will rush the altar. And that they might be left standing there all alone. Embarrassed. Mark 8:38

Give us another chance to PLACE AN ORDER for another drink of your Holy Spirit living water. Immerse us as a Church with a REFRESHING, supernatural infusion of power and grace. And because of Him…

You WILL be the server of the good news to the lost. Romans 10:14
Your manager Jesus has directed YOU to make sure that EVERYONE hears it. Matthew 28:19,20
You WILL literally go into OVERDRIVE and RUN to your lost friends, family and neighbors. Acts 1:8
You only have a short time to tell EVERYONE. Revelation 22:12,13
You get to MAKE THE MOST of every opportunity. Ephesians 5:16

No exceptions.

Let’s EXPECT the last minute rush to the altar of grace. Not just on Sunday. But every day and night. Let’s be the laborers that get to harvest it in. For His glory.

PRAY FOR: Debate Tonite! Every word out of Craigs mouth will be anointed and purposeful. This is being televised on local cable. Pray Craig will be calm and peace will reign over him. Pray for wisdom. Pray against any questions that would trip him up or cause him to stumble.

PRAY FOR: Adopt A Precinct. We still are looking for prayer warriors to cover this entire district in prayer. The videos go out on Tuesday and Thursday. Pray for clarity and direction for me regarding the videos. If you missed watching our kick off video click here.

PRAY FOR: Strength, wisdom and discernment for Craig as he makes critical decisions regarding direct mail pieces, TV commercials, etc for the campaign.

PRAY FOR: Townhalls and election forums are ongoing. Please check out for dates.

PRAY FOR: Divine protection for Evan, Craig and Shelly and their families.

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