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Oct 17

When we were in Greece a few weeks ago, we saw the Corinthian canal. This canal was built back in the day to allow big ships to connect from a gulf to a sea. It’s a shortcut. Its only 4 miles long, and one bridge crosses over it. The scary thing about this canal is it’s so steep and NARROW. When I stood on the bridge, I was afraid to look down. But the scariest thing was what we discovered rigged up under the bridge. Bungy jumping. The bungy jumpers were lined up anxiously waiting their turn to JUMP OUT. We had to stick around and watch, but stood WAY BACK. These people were CRAZY! THERE’S NO WAY I WOULD EVER DO THAT. That’s insane.

We watched the first guy get strapped in. The cables were really strong. Super thick. They would never come undone. His whole body was supported. After he was harnessed up, the guide walked him out to the platform where he was going to jump. The guide told him “get out as close as you can to the edge”. The jumper was very hesitant at first, but his buddies who were waiting encouraged him to DANCE around to loosen up. The jumper even dabbled close to the edge and stuck his toe over. He finally did jump and everyone watched and listened as this grown manly man screamed like a girl. His body plummeted to the bottom of the canal until he actually TOUCHED the water.

Born again Christians know that the gulf of their sin can only be crossed by the bridge of Jesus Christ.
Born again Christians know that the Way of Jesus is NARROW and sometimes it’s scary and steep.
Born again Christians get real support from the body of believers.
Born again Christians are strapped into Gods grace with thick, strong cords that never come undone.

So why do we dance around as close as we can to the edge of sin?

Why do we dabble with sin and stick our toe in now and then?
Why do we stick around and watch other Christians get caught up in sin and do nothing?
Why do we stand WAY BACK and think that “THERE IS NO WAY I WOULD DO THAT!

God forgive us for the pride that we think we got our stuff together.
God forgive us for the pride that we think we are above the sin that used to catch us.
God forgive us for the pride that we think that no one sticks around and watches us.
God forgive us for the pride that we think when we fall we won’t scream like a little girl.

Jesus wants you to not just TOUCH His living water, but to drink it in and swim in it.
Jesus wants you to be so CRAZY in love with Him that you will DANCE.
Not on the edge of His glory, but smack dab in the middle of it.

So, don’t hesitate, JUMP OUT into the canal of Jesus forgiveness.

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