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By shellyhuey | Victory Update

Aug 24

When the kids were very small, one of our favorite trips was to the beach. But I kept it a surprise and I told them we would be going on an adventure. They couldn’t wait to get in the car and had no idea where we were going. They got to pick out their toys, snacks and drinks that they wanted to take on the trip. The most important thing that we stuffed into the big bag wasn’t their toys, snacks or drinks. I made sure that there was room for it. I sometimes had to squeeze it in. It was the sunscreen.


Once we arrived at the beach, the kids were so excited! But they hated putting on sunscreen. They would ignore my voice, telling them, “sunscreen time!” They couldn’t wait to have fun and play. The allure was to run towards the tantalizing water, so they just couldn’t stand still. It was so exhausting and frustrating for me.

I remember the crying fits. I did my best to apply lotion onto their squirmy, wiggly little bodies, without them prying themselves out of my grip and getting away.


The sunscreen challenge seemed like forever to me, because year after year this same thing happened. I didn’t see any change. It wasn’t until they were a little older, after a few mishaps and painful, blistering sunburns that it finally clicked in. They stopped fighting me. And they decided to stand still. What a relief!


Forgive Us Father that We the Church sometimes stuff Our big bags of life with all the toys, snacks and drinks we picked out and leave little room for the most important thing, You.


Forgive Us Father that We the Church can be hateful towards Your voice of warnings that are in Your word, so We ignore it. Not wanting to apply that lotion of protection onto Our squirmy, wiggly lifestyle.


Forgive Us Father that We the Church can have crying fits and do our best to pry ourselves out of Your grip, because We want to run towards the allure of the tantalizing things of this world. (Galatians 5:16,17)


Maybe You forgot that You need make sure that there is room for loving Jesus in Your daily life. Sometimes You just have to squeeze it in. (2 Corinthians 5:14)


Maybe You forgot that blistering life challenges may seem like forever, because year after year the same thing happens. It’s so exhausting and frustrating.

And You don’t see any change. But God does. (Psalm 91)


Maybe You forgot that growing a little older and learning after a few mishaps that cause pain, things will finally click in. And by His grace, You stand still. And stop fighting Him. (Galatians 5:1)


You are His kid. And in His eyes, You are not very small. He wants to take You on an ongoing adventure of Your Lifetime. Every minute. Every hour. Every day. (Galatians 5:25)


You just need to get in His car. And let Him take You by His Spirit, on one of His favorite trips. It will be a surprise and You will be so excited!

You will feel like a little kid again!


Oh, and He has already packed Your bag. Its full of everything You need.

For now and eternity. What a relief! (2 Peter 1:3)



Our President Trump had a bold rally in Phoenix this past week. Prior to his speech, he allowed Dr Alveda King and Rev Franklin Graham to pray. Both prayers were anointed and beyond powerful. (Click here to see Rev Franklin Graham’s prayer.)


President Trump willingly and boldly gave the platform to the NAME THAT IS ABOVE ALL NAMES, JESUS!!!

None of the Main Stream Media mentioned those prayers at all!!! Go figure!!!

Evil powers and principalities tremble at the Name of Jesus. YET they will continue to be relentless in their pathetic and pitiful attacks. Anything operating against and resisting the precious Name of Our Savior and Lord Jesus is DEMONIC.

It is that simple.

Pray that any demonic activity mouths will be exposed and then SHUT.

White House prayer, Capitol Hill prayer, National Mall prayer are nonstop right now. PTL!!! Revival is happening!!! Nothing will be able to stop what the Spirit allows.



Pastors here in CA to rise up like an army and by the Spirit actively and biblically confront the hate, anger and lies that continue to be fed to their people via any anti- Christ media and our anti-Christ culture. Pray for their boldness and courage.

We are living in the end times. No time to mess around.



Christians in CA and in this nation to not be ashamed of the whole gospel. To be filled with the Holy Spirits power! And be willing to stand up for biblical truth and live out biblical values, in truth and in love.

Holy Spirit, You need to purify Your bride!!!



Christians that are behind enemy lines and on the front lines for Jesus Christ.

The attacks of the enemy are strategically targeted and relentless.

Especially within their families. Including ours.


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