Imperfectly Perfect

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Dec 17
Given authority
To care for a King
Stood by Mary’s side
Thru everything

The baby wasn’t his
Yet Joseph didn’t flee
He took the shame
Even when he couldn’t see
Why this miracle happened
And why he was chosen
To raise the Almighty
The Holy Son of God

He watched and saw
Mary’s belly grow
How it got there
He surely didn’t know
Doing what was needed
Necessary and right
He headed to Bethlehem
Traveling thru the night

Crowded and noisy
The city was full
Exhausted and determined
He hoped for a room
He didn’t get what he wanted
He was shown out back
To a place filled with animals
But the manger was intact

Not worried about the dirt
Smells hung in the air
Focused on the new birth
And being right there
Delivered in his arms
He held just in time
The Savior King Messiah
Let out his first cry

Overwhelmed by joy
He cradled him tight
Not thinking this tiny son
Would willingly lay down his life
For All

You are given authority
To care about the King
Who stands by your side
Thru everything

Your new birth is His
The Holy Spirit never flees
He takes your shame
Even when you can’t see
Why this miracle happened
And why you were chosen
To be a part of the Almighty
The Holy Son of God

You watch and see
Your walk with Him grow
How it originally got there
You surely don’t know
You do what is needed
Necessary and right
You head out to serve
Sometimes in the night

Crowded and noisy
The city is full
Of the lost and the broken
Who need His love
It may not be what you wanted
And you may be shown out back
To a place filled with the hurting
But His healing is intact

Not worried about the dirt
Smells hang in the air
Focused on telling of His new birth
And being right there
You deliver the lost into His arms
You hold them just in time
The Savior King Messiah
Sings out a holy cry

Overwhelmed by joy
Jesus cradles you tight
Knowing that you His child
Willingly lay down your life…For Him

PRAY FOR:  Ask God to send you and other Christians to the lost, broken and hurting in your city.  Ask Him to give you specific assignments.  Expect to be used in miraculous ways.  Even if it gets dirty and smelly.

PRAY FOR:  Craig, Evan, Chase and I will be hosting our first Young Adult Boot Camp in the beginning of January.  We will be training on campaign strategy, advanced marketing, and data entry techniques.  We are excited about mobilizing this powerful young group into campaigns throughout southern California.  Pray these students will be empowered to effectively demonstrate their new skills to further value voters.

PRAY FOR:  Continued connections with key national leaders in many nonprofit and Christian organizations.  We expect 2014 to be a time of unity across many groups.  Pray for divine appointments, vision and strategy.

PRAY FOR:  The outreach directors/pastors at many of our local churches.  These people have the heart of Jesus and need constant prayer for vision, direction and powerful anointing.  Most people we know who fill these roles are frustrated by the lack of volunteers that show up for local outreach.  Please pray that congregations would be moved by the power of the Holy Spirit to be mobilized to action. Pray for people to be given ideas by God to spearhead new ministries.

PRAISE: Praise God for the events/services at Christmas. Pray an overflow capacity at each service of UNSAVED people.  Pray the pastors will not just give the gospel, but actually give altar calls.  But more importantly, pray that the church body recognizes the Need to BE The Church 24/7!!!

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