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Apr 02

If you haven’t seen this TV show, it’s definitely a MUST SEE… all you need to do is tune in and watch one episode. This reality show highlights a somewhat unknown problem that people struggle with. The show EXPOSES hoarding as a psychological disease. The people HIGHLIGHTED on this show have had this disease for quite some time. Their family and friends are concerned. They know their loved one needs help.

Hoarders are in bondage to GATHERING, KEEPING and STORING everything they can get their hands on. They REFUSE to let go of any of it.

Things that make no sense.
Things that have no real value.
Things that should be thrown away.
Things that have gotten so OLD, it’s moldy and rotted.
Things that are so NEGLECTED, infestations of mice and cockroaches spill out.

Horrified, I wondered… How could someone live like that?

Sometimes the rooms in the house are packed to the ceiling with everything imaginable. Camera crews carefully navigate the clogged pathways; over and around the piles of stuff. If all of that stuff falls, they could get buried! A clean up crew will come into the home, wheel a dumpster in and TRANSFORM the home into a livable situation. TRASH is separated from possessions. The last few minutes of the show reveals the hoarder in their new setting. A celebration. Freedom demonstrated. Hope manifested. Those that see the results are rejoicing.

Christians today struggle with a somewhat unknown problem too. The disease of Unforgiveness.

Unknown problem because its never really HIGHLIGHTED.
Unknown problem because its never really EXPOSED.
Unknown problem because its secretly Hoarded.

Maybe Over time we have GATHERED OLD hurts and pain.
Maybe Over time we have STORED UP our sorrow and anger.
Maybe Over time we have KEPT our misery and frustration.

Piled high to the ceiling of our lives.
So much so that we have to navigate around it.
We have to walk over it and around it carefully,
Because if those piles of NEGLECTED pain that we built fall, we will get buried.

We really feel that we have those piled up things under control. Until we open our mouths.
And the infestations of moldy, rotting things come spilling out.
Luke 6:45

Our friends see it and hear it.
Our family sees it and hears it.
Our Jesus sees it and hears it. For quite some time.

They all know that we need help. Horrified, they wonder… How can someone live like that?

Oh, we really have good reasons to be Hoarders of Unforgiveness.
And it’s because of those reasons that we REFUSE to let go of any of it.
But really, none of it makes sense.
Especially if we realize how much WE have been Forgiven. Luke 6:37

The Holy Spirits camera crew patiently waits to enter the clogged pathways of your heart. You just need to TUNE IN to Him.
The Holy Spirits clean up crew will show You the things that You have allowed to accumulate in your life.

Things that need His forgiveness. So You can forgive.

Let Him wheel that dumpster in, so that You can unload all of that misery.
He will help you separate the TRASH from your possessions.
A Hoarder of Unforgiveness can be cured from his disease in one episode.
It’s called Repentance. 1 John 1:9

Do this. You will find yourself in a new setting. Transformed. And there will be a celebration. Freedom will be demonstrated. Hope will be manifested. Many will be rejoicing. Especially the forgiven.

PRAY FOR: We have had many divine appointments lately. Please continue to pray that the Lord would direct Craig’s steps.

PRAY FOR: We have launched the South Bay Ambassador Network and having significant conversations with Christian leaders in the community. Please continue to pray that this grass roots network catches fire throughout the South Bay.

PRAY FOR: Craig, Evan and I will be teaching multiple Election Forums throughout the South Bay. Pray that the Lord opens the door to many churches, either to host an Election Forum or to have Craig be introduced at their Sunday services.

PRAY FOR: Continue to pray for our intern/leadership program. God is building his team and we are asking Him to send us key leaders within our cities. These leaders will be trained not just to help Craig but to help other Christians called to run for public office.

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