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Sep 26

It’s football season.

Time for some serious action. Time for some intense hits.
And watching this past Sunday night, I saw a great commercial. It depicted a child growing up from a newborn to a young adult. In each scene the child was wearing a jersey that was the opposing team of his father. The child was completely CONTENT to go against the fathers team. And in some scenes, the child was pretty aloof about offending his father. In fact in a “not so subtle” way, he was PROUD of his choice. The fathers facial expressions was one of surprise. And dismay. I thought it was FUNNY because we have that constant rivalry of sports teams in our house too. But the last scene was classic. The voice over said “there is one thing that we can UNITE on”… “and that’s the DETERGENT we use”.

Forgive us God as We as a Church have decided that it’s okay to be on separate and opposing teams.
And we PROUDLY proclaim what “church” we belong to.
With the emphasis being on the “church” and not on Jesus.
Forgive us God as We as a Church have been in constant rivalry with one another…and are actually quite CONTENT with it.
Forgive us God as We as a Church have been ALOOF to our “not so subtle” ability to be opposing you, Our Father.

Division causes ruin in a kingdom.
Division causes ruin in a city.
Division causes ruin in a household.

None of it will stand. Matthew 12:25

You would think that because Jesus said this that people would listen.
You would think that UNITY within His Church would be the first thing.

Especially if His Church wants to stand.
Especially if His Church wants to fight evil with truth. John 14:6
Especially if His Church wants to conquer hate with love.
Especially if His Church wants to destroy demonic strongholds with prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit.

We are in the midst of massive division in our country.
How ironic since we are called the UNITED states of America.
Not FUNNY how we are losing what we were originally UNITED for… Religious freedom.

There are some Pastors here in this district that want to fight evil with truth.
That want to conquer hate with love. And destroy demonic strongholds.
They are filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and have a passion for prayer.
Craig and I have had the honor and privilege of meeting them over this past year.
We got to see a spirit of UNITY demonstrated at our Pastors Breakfast on Friday.
UNITY because of the blood of Jesus Christ.
The blood that no DETERGENT can remove.

What POWER there is in UNITY. What HOPE there is in UNITY.
What JOY there is in UNITY.
And to know that these anointed humble Pastors shepherd over 30,000 people in our district.
To know that these Pastors are NOT ashamed of the gospel.
And like Paul, they preach Christ crucified.

Because of the Unity we see in the Pastors here for Jesus We EXPECT that…

Holy Spirit driven UNITY will build up households in their churches.
Holy spirit driven UNITY will build up their churches in their city.
Holy Spirit driven UNITY will build up our cities in this state.
And the Church will STAND.
And Jesus will be glorified.

Join us as we kick off our Adopt A Precinct prayer drive tomorrow, Friday night.
It’s at our home. We expect YOU. We expect Pastors. We expect miracles.
We expect UNITY. An opportunity to pray for Your Pastor. Your Church.
Your City. Your State.

When: Friday Sept. 28, 2012 7-830pm
Where: 27853 Conestoga Dr Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274

If you missed the video on this united Prayer effort you can watch it here:

Click Here

PRAY FOR: This event, and Adopt A Precinct signups to continue… we already have over 100 people.
PRAY FOR: Craigs fundraising efforts to be fruitful. We have several fundraising events coming up this week and next. We need donations to help fund direct mail and TV.
PRAY FOR: Volunteers to man the phones and walk door to door. We are blessed by those that have helped so far, but we need more. The opposition is well funded and has an army out pounding on the doors already.
PRAY FOR: Deceptive mail and outright lies about Craig have already started by the opposition. Pray these things will fall on deaf ears and blind eyes. Pray for Craig to have a “Teflon” coating surrounding him and all these false accusations will “slide” right off,
PRAY FOR: Craig to have more opportunity to be on TV (he was just on FOX Business News last week) and radio.

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