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Apr 21


Since the weather has been warming up, dining outside on our deck is on our radar. Naturally what comes to mind is BarBQ. Not too long ago, I prepared everything in advance. I cleaned and cut the zucchini, corn and green beans. The entrée was fresh salmon. I seasoned everything, wrapped it in separate foil packets and sealed them shut. I was excited at the outcome. I knew from past experience how long everything should take to cook. During the process, I lift the heavy lid of the BarBQ and gently turn over the foil packets, so everything is done at the same time. I occasionally peek inside the packet to check on the progress. I check and determine if everything needs just a little more time. Normally, I stay right there. But someone urgently called me from inside the house and I ended up getting distracted.

By the time I came back out to check it, I thought for sure it would be done.

The salmon still looked kinda raw, the same way I left it. Something must be wrong.

After careful examination, I noticed the BarBQ flames were gone.

I checked the propane tank. And sure enough it was empty. How could I have not seen that? How was I going to save this? Everyone was starving! I was beyond frustrated and felt incredibly inept. As a desperate resort, but perfect solution, I took everything out of the foil and stuck it in the oven under the broiler on high. It turned out completely fine. Mouthwatering, in fact. It was better than I expected.

Our guests kept saying “How did this happen again?”

They wanted more.


Forgive Us Father when We the Church prepare and plan in advance Our lives but separate out Our pain, loss and fear and wrap them carefully into the foil of Our doubt, so no one sees.


Forgive Us Father that We the Church are Your entrée, ready to be served to a starving world, but We tend to sit outside of being used on the decks of evangelism.


Forgive Us Father if We the Church get distracted, We typically don’t hear the urgent calls of others. We can be just beyond frustrated with them and feel incredibly inept.


Maybe We forgot that You are the lifter of the heavy lids of suffering in Our lives. Sometimes You like to gently turn Us over, so that everything in Our sanctification is done at the same time.


Maybe We forgot that with Love, You peek inside the foil packets of Our sealed shut hearts, and check in on Our progress, every second of every day… not occasionally.


Maybe We forgot that You are the Master Griller. You notice when something is wrong with Us. When We suffer, You are right there with Us. You check and determine if We need just a little more time to completely heal. (Isaiah 43:2-3)


Perhaps You feel Your life has been kinda raw and placed under a broiler.

The heat hurts. The pain is real. Tell Him about it.

He sees Your life.

He saves You. (Psalm 6:2-4)

He has the perfect solution.

Let Him stoke those flames of Your Holy Spirit propane tank. (Psalm 18:28)

You will be completely fine. Better than expected. Excited at the outcome.

You will tell others.

Your testimony will be a mouthwatering demonstration of His resurrection power.

They will say “how did this happen again?’

And They will want more.



Egypt. Their leaders declared that the churches are closed this Easter Sunday, due to church bombing Palm Sunday. Pray for the Christians there, that revival will take place, in spite of them being displaced. And His healing will be present and powerful.


Afghanistan. 36 ISIS militants were bombed this week. Pray for the Holy Spirit to find men, women and children that are trapped in the deception of Islam, and draw them to the One and Only Savior, Jesus.


Our military and their leaders. Land, sea and air troops are on the move, and the world is watching more than ever.  Pray for their protection and wisdom from God in everything they do.


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