Gold Rush

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Aug 10

Back in the day, pioneers DECIDED to take a huge RISK,
They saddled up their horses and rode to California.
It was the lure for wealth that brought them here, the bait of gold.
California was the promised land,the land of abundance, land of hopes, land of dreams.They carefully looked at everything that they owned. They decided what they had to get RID OF so that they could travel light.
They knew that the journey was long and grueling.
So they sold most of their furniture, it took up too much space.
They sold most of their tools. They took only what they needed to survive.
With the money that they made, they bought grain and foods that would LAST.

Along the way they experienced the worst things imaginable.
Desert heat waves, flooding, lack of water, hunger, snow storms, disease, broken down wagons, Burning of precious cargo just to stay warm, death of animals, death of friends, death of kids, death of spouses.
But they survived. They made it to California.
They settled into their dream and GOT TO WORK.
Towns formed within months. And the WORD GOT OUT. They found gold.

You are a pioneer. You’ve heard about the promised land.
You heard that Jesus Christ was the bait to take you there.
So you decided to take a huge risk and bought it.  Hook, line, and sinker.
You heard Jesus has a perfect plan for your life. His land gave you hope. His land reignited your dreams. His land promised abundance.
And you believed it. Because it’s true.

But along the way you have experienced some of the worst things imaginable.
Disease, divorce, loss of friends, loss of loved ones, loss of jobs, loss of kids.
Broken down dreams, waves of failure, floods of bankruptcy.
And you found yourself in a desert.

Yes, the journey can feel long and grueling.
But since you are a pioneer, you knew that.
But I gotta ask…
Are you traveling light? Matt 11:30
Have you carefully looked at what you need to get RID of in your life? Eph 4:31
Are you still holding onto your furniture? THINGS that “support” you?
Are you holding on tight to the “securities” of this world? Savings, IRA’s, 401K’s, Stocks? John 14:1
Are you counting on YOUR tools and YOUR skills to help you survive?
How much time do you invest in GOD’s Word, the only food that lasts? John 6:35

Like THOSE pioneers, you must unload.
Unload your burdens on Jesus.
The pioneers that SURVIVED entered the promised land.
And so will you. You are a survivor.
Those pioneers didn’t stop.
They didn’t give up.
They settled in and GOT TO WORK.
And you need to settle into the dream God called you to and GET TO WORK.
And you need to not be ashamed of the gospel, and GET THE WORD OUT.
After all, you have found something BETTER than gold. That is JESUS. 1Peter 1:7

We want to see another Gold Rush here in California. This time it’s about JESUS.
And we don’t have to go looking for Him in the hills. Because He is in you and me.
He already found us.

Come join us as we praise our one and only source of eternal wealth, Jesus.

When: Tomorrow, Friday August 12, 2011

Where: Craig and Shelly Huey’s House
27853 Conestoga Dr.
Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274

Time: 7:00-9:00pm

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