Genuine Fakes

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Sep 08

You don’t have to travel far to find counterfeit products.
Every big city in the world has them. Sometimes counterfeit products are in stores. Sometimes people are selling them on the streets. You can even find counterfeit products online. There is a huge demand for them. Pretty much everyone wants something that LOOKS like the real thing. Especially if that product is a DESIGNER brand. Because designer brands COST a lot and have superior value.
But… if you look CLOSELY, and KNOW what to look for, you can spot a fake..

Back in 1988 I bought a “gold and diamond” Rolex in Korea.
It looked so real, I had to buy it.

I bargained with the guy and paid $10. About a month after I came home, it stopped

running. It needed a new battery. So I went to the local jeweler. I purposely dressed nice. I looked the part. I proudly showed him my watch. I was nervous because I thought for sure he would see that it was a fake.
But he didn’t . He was very excited to see that Rolex. He said he never sees them.

Because he doesn’t have any in his store. So he really didn’t know what they look like. He was FOOLED.
I was stoked, because I recognized that my fake watch really looked real. That was 23 years ago. I still have that Rolex. It’s not “gold” anymore. It really looks fake. If I showed a jeweler today, he would laugh. And I would be the fool.

Unfortunately, you don’t have to travel far to find COUNTERFEIT Christians.
Every big city in the world has them. They are in the store, on the streets and even in the

church. There is a huge demand for counterfeit Christians. Religion pretty much gives what people want. Something that LOOKS like the real thing.

So what brand of Christianity have you bought into?
Did you fall for something “so real” you had to buy it?
Did you count the COST of your decision?
Was it a cheap decision, or did YOU bargain with God and tell him YOU will follow him on YOUR conditions?
Do you “dress the part” of “Christian” and proudly “show up” to church or bible study? But secretly hope no one sees that you are a fake?

Are you in a church that you can easily FOOL people? Because they have never really SEEN a REAL Christian? Maybe REAL Jesus followers don’t attend there.

Don’t be fooled. Jesus is the REAL deal. The price He paid to have YOU accept Him as the REAL deal, was with His blood, His life. That cost is priceless.
He is the ONE and ONLY way to God. Everything else is Counterfeits. Cheap imitations. And like my fake Rolex, the counterfeits fade. Because they’re not real.
And unlike the amusement of a jeweler seeing my fake Rolex today, God is not laughing.

God can spot a FAKE.

Because He is the ultimate DESIGNER.

And He designed you for amazing things.
Not cheap things. Not copied things. But costly things.

He knew everything about you before you were completed in the womb.
And you were not second hand materials.
Not put together haphazardly. Designed for something special.

So be REAL church. Stop hiding behind your fake imitations. Confess your sins to each

other. Come clean from buying into LOOKING like you have it together. Lord knows we don’t.

PRAY FOR: Craig and Shelly as they continue to fast and pray for the decision to Run in


PRAY FOR: Pastors, Leaders, Teachers, Elders, Parents, Students and Children in the church to recognize that the world wants to SEE the REAL Jesus Christ in their life, not fake imitations.

PRAY FOR: South Bay Day of Repentance, OCT 11, 6-8pm Good Community Church in Torrance


Shelly Huey

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