Geared Up

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Sep 26

One of our kids has a classic car, a ’63 Corvair. It’s really a pretty cool ride. It runs pretty good…most of the time.

The car is really designed for cruising around the town, off-roading would be DANGEROUS.  It wouldn’t do well going up big hills. It really needs to stay in safe places. But he loves that car, and he will do what it takes to keep it going.

Recently, he has had some problems with the car. He was on one of the Los Angeles freeways and the car just decided to stop. Then a few days ago his car died in our driveway and that beautiful classic just sat there UNUSED.

He checked under the hood and saw that everything was connected and hooked up. But, he recognized the car was still in gear. He knew that the car wouldn’t START in gear, it had to be in neutral.

So he GOT OUT and pushed that car. As it was rolling down our driveway, he JUMPED into the drivers seat, and jammed it out of gear and into NEUTRAL. Then the engine FIRED UP.

What’s your ride like with Jesus?

Pretty cool? Runs pretty good? Most of the time?
Are you designed for “just cruising around the town” stuff?
Are you afraid to go to “DANGEROUS” places with Jesus?
Are you convinced that Jesus is not capable of going up the hills of your life?

Do you think Jesus can’t USE you because you’ve had some problems or actual “breakdowns”?
Maybe you are stranded on the freeway of your life.
Maybe you have just had enough of life and have decided to stop.
Maybe you feel like you can’t even get out of the driveway every morning.

You have the connections and the hookups.
You know Jesus as your personal Savior and Lord. You go to church, you go to bible study, you even pray… A LOT.

So the question is…Are You in Stuck in Gear and Not Able to Start?

You were designed for amazing things. Ephesians 3:20
You were designed for dangerous things. Ephesians 6:14
You were designed to be more than a conqueror. Romans 8:37

So… GET OUT of the drivers seat of your ride with Jesus.
Let Him JUMP into that spot. He’s the One and Only professional driver.
He loves you so much…He will do what it takes to keep you going.
He wants to be able to DRIVE your ride to places it’s never been.

Neutral is a spot where Jesus wants your control to rest in HIM.
Neutral is a position where Jesus can demonstrate His power through YOU.
And guess what? Your engine will be FIRED UP once again.

PRAY FOR: The timing of public announcements for Craig running in 2012. Private announcements were made towards the very end of last week and will continue this week.

PRAY FOR: South Bay Day of Repentance. We are in the process of confirming the date. We also are putting together materials for pastors/churches/organizations to use to inform the people. We want this event to unify the church for the cause of Jesus Christ.

PRAY FOR: Continued guidance for Craig, Shelly and Evan as they seek the Lord for His vision for their team of warriors. (Business, Gov’t, Education and Church leaders)

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Shelly Huey

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