Garage Sale

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Sep 29

A neighbor had his garage open on Saturday. It was literally filled to the ceiling with boxes. He had created a narrow walkway down the middle, so he could get to the back. I was amazed at his accumulation of CLUTTER. Things his kids NO LONGER WANTED or USED. Things he had as COLLECTIONS. Things his wife kept as MOMENTOS. It was all stuff from the past.

I asked him how often he goes in that garage. He said “Usually I avoid going in there, even though its organized. I forget what box I put something in, and it’s a pain figuring out where it is.” He added “But I can’t get rid of anything in there, its too overwhelming to deal with.”

Our MINDS are like that neighbors garage. The storage bin of our life.

Have you allowed Jesus to enter the garage of your MIND?
Have you carefully boxed up thoughts you NO LONGER WANT or USE?

Thoughts of suicide, depression, anger, frustration?

Have you placed doubt and unbelief into the container of MOMENTOS?
Have you taken your COLLECTIONS of past sins and stored them away?

Stop digging back into the boxes of the past.
Stop searching for answers to problems that have been packed away in storage.
Stop trying to figure out everything that has been already dealt with and put away.

Open up that garage door for Jesus to come in and clean out the CLUTTER of your mind.

He was there when you carefully filled those boxes of doubt and unbelief.
He was there when you packed up all your collections of sin.
He was there when you stacked up the containers of pain.

And He TOOK AWAY those storage boxes…and FORGOT about all of it!

So have a garage sale today with Jesus.

Haul out that junk that’s accumulated in your mind.

Box it up and hand it over to Him.

Afterall, He already paid for all of it. With His life.

He will haul it away. FOREVER. GONE. Psalm 103:12

But…He is going to move some NEW boxes into your garage.

In fact, He has even labeled them for you.

Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness and Self Control. Gal 5:22,23

And the cool thing about these boxes is they are already full.

You have complete access to them.

And they are NEVER empty

PRAY FOR: The timing of public announcements for Craig running in 2012. Private announcements were made towards the very end of last week and will continue this week.

PRAY FOR: South Bay Day of Repentance. We are in the process of confirming the date. We also are putting together materials for pastors/churches/organizations to use to inform the people. We want this event to unify the church for the cause of Jesus Christ.

PRAY FOR: Continued guidance for Craig, Shelly and Evan as they seek the Lord for His vision for their team of warriors. (Business, Gov’t, Education and Church leaders)


Shelly Huey

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