Friday Nite Lights

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Aug 15

Football. My favorite sport. The game is a constant demonstration of pure raw power. Constant violent hits. Pure adrenaline rush. And that’s just watching it.
When I was a kid, my dad would quarterback and we would run plays in the front yard. In college, I played intramurals. I was a running back.
It was a blast. Love to watch it. Love to play it.

Like any sport, a good football team has to PRACTICE.
Lots of running, lots of passes, lots of hits, lots of sweat.
Lots of hours doing simple, but important DRILLS.
Each player KNOWS basic skills will be reviewed every practice.
Watching a good football practice is like watching a well-choreographed play.
Actually PARTICIPATING in that good practice is an encouraging experience.
Sometimes it’s even exhilarating.
Because you put in the time.
Because you sweat.
Because you worked together as a team.
Because you practiced the basic skills the right way.
Because you obediently executed the drills.
Because you were motivated and inspired.

Last Friday night we had a “football game” in our back yard.
It was called our Praise Event.
We called together the Christians that had played on our team, during the campaign.
We knew that it was important to get together.
We HAD to meet specifically to sing Praise to our Coach, Jesus.
There were 100 people at our house that night.
They represented 25 different churches from District 36.
It was a demonstration of pure raw HOLY SPIRIT power.
Only Almighty God could bring together a TEAM like that.
Only Almighty God could create an UNBELIEVABLE MIRACLE like that.
Only Almighty God could UNIFY His team like that.
Only Almighty God could ENCOURAGE His team like that.
Only Almighty God could MOTIVATE and INSPIRE His team like that.

The Praise Event was like watching a good football practice.
Looking at everyone there, we saw that they represented all the basic skills necessary to create a powerful team.
People were there that put in the time of PRAYER
People were there that put in the gift of encouragement.
People were there that put in the energy of volunteering.
People were there that put in the resources of money.
People that obediently executed those drills, made this team.
And these people weren’t sitting back watching this game,
They were ACTIVE participants.

You say, well that sounds great but there is no violence, no hits.
After all, isn’t that what football is about?
Well, I gotta tell you…
There were constant HITS on that Friday night.
HITS to the kingdom of darkness.
With every Praise song we sang, Satan got SLAMMED.
With every prayer we prayed, Satan got STOMPED ON.
Oh there was VIOLENCE alright.
And it was NOT forgotten.
We were reminded that this battle for District 36 is NOT OVER.
We are just beginning to UNITE.
As a Team for JESUS CHRIST!
We are pressing on toward the GOAL to win the prize for Jesus Phil 3:14

PRAY for: This new united team of believers to continue on in District 36. We plan to have another “Friday Nite Lights” in about a month. Pray for the individuals that were here to represent at their churches, and be the salt and light.

PRAY for: The pastors and leaders of the churches in District 36 to be open to Salt and Light Ministry to be at their church. For those pastors/leaders to be revived by the power of the Holy Spirit.

PRAY for: Craig and Shelly as they pray and fast for guidance and direction regarding running in 2012. For divine opportunities and platforms for them to speak at churches and anywhere else God wants them.

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Shelly Huey

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