Fresh Fire

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Oct 30

Fresh Fire is not only the title of a powerful book by Jim Cymbala, but also what we want to see happen here in the South Bay. A fresh wind and fresh fire of the Holy Spirit that overtakes and deeply penetrates Christian’s hearts. We want to see Christians here become unstoppable, believing in an uncontainable God.

Ever since Craig and I followed the Lords leading to run for Congress in March, we have had a passion to see the church here UNIFY for the cause of Jesus Christ.

We saw incredible things take place during the special election. Craig was able to speak at churches almost every weekend for the four months of campaigning. We had two pastor breakfasts with over 40 pastors participating, most of which did not know each other. After the election in July, we had a Night of Praise at our home. Over 100 people came representing 25 different churches. We are so humbled by the movement of the Holy Spirit here and throughout The Church as a whole. We are blown away that God would choose to continue to work through us in such amazing ways.

During the campaign, Craig expressed the desire to many churches and groups to introduce a bill for a National Day of Repentance. We know that God works in mysterious ways and grants us the desires of our hearts. We also know that His timing is always perfect. Despite a loss in the general election, the passion to pursue a South Bay Day of Repentance was ignited.

The momentum isn’t over, it’s just beginning. The Holy Spirit is IGNITING churches throughout the South Bay. It’s so exciting to watch how God is working through different ministries and churches. We have the special pleasure of hearing from many pastors, the passion of their hearts and the movement of the Holy Spirit in their congregation. Their is recognition and zeal that repentance is not just for their individual church but also for The Church as a whole.

Hearing and seeing the Holy Spirit moving in the body of Christ is really what inspires and motivates me. I’m sure that you feel the same way. In fact, when you meet someone that is passionate and unashamed of the gospel, its contagious.

Well, on Tuesday Nov 1st, you have an opportunity to surround yourself with the body of Christ. The Church in the South Bay is unifying…for one purpose.

To repent.

We have over 15 churches committing to participate. These churches know that this is not about their church. It’s about The Church. We as a church body have allowed our lives to become infected.

Infected with the world.
Infected with fear.
Infected with doubt.
Infected with anxiety.
Infected with disappointment.
Infected with depression.
Infected with anger.
Infected with shame.

We want to get cleaned up. We need a deep cleansing. A detox of the Holy Spirit. God wants to use US here in the South Bay. He wants sold out, unashamed Christians HERE to rain down purity, hope, belief, peace, joy and freedom to a lost, dying and condemned South Bay.

We expect miracles.
We expect revival.
We expect a fresh wind, fresh fire

Visit for the details for the gathering tomorrow.

PRAY FOR: Many people to come broken before the Lord and find immediate restoration and hope.

PRAY FOR: Pastors and leaders to receive a fresh wind, fresh fire anointing on their lives as they humble themselves before our Almighty God.

PRAY FOR: Craig, Shelly and Evan for protection, wisdom and humility as they continue to finalize details for the Day of Repentance.

PRAY FOR: Good Community Church who has graciously hosted this miraculous time. GCC is located in Torrance, a central location in the South Bay, and one of the fastest growing Korean churches in LA. The ethnically diverse churches that are coming is incredible! Pray attendees will be encouraged by seeing the body of Christ, The Church, gathered in UNITY and LOVE.

PRAY FOR: For every church represented and that a foundation of repentance will be established on Tuesday night. That each church and individual attending will enjoy our Almighty Gods complete restoration and finally that each church will have hope for their congregation to obediently expand the kingdom of Jesus Christ.

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