Emptied Trash

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Jun 21

Craig and I scrambled to leave on a quick get away for the weekend.

We really needed a chance to rest and catch our breath.
The past few months have been More than just Daily Business.

Meetings, calls, appointments, errands, trips, speaking engagements.

Super long days and sometimes even longer nights.
We packed our bags and threw everything in the car.
I blasted through the house for any important item accidently left behind.

Coming home from our weekend, I opened the front door.
A putrid smell wafted towards my nose. It consumed me.
I had no clue what it was, but just knew I had to get rid of it.
Shocked, I quickly ran to swing wide open the back doors.
A gentle breeze blew through the house, airing it out.
But the stench was still prominent.

After going through every room, I discovered it was coming from the kitchen.

Ahhh, it must be the garbage disposal!
I quickly flipped the switch and ran it, but it was fine.
Then I realized it was the garbage can.

I forgot to empty the trash before we left.

And wow, was it bad. Rotting food, rancid leftovers. Overwhelming.
Disgusted and full of regret, I hauled that nasty trash outside.
I heaved it into the bin out back.

The next day was trash day.
I couldn’t wait for the trash truck to come.
It would be gone from our house forever.
Never to return. Never have to smell that mess again.
What a relief!!!

Forgive Us Father that We the Church tend to pack in our being with You into a quick weekend service and leave You out of our Daily Business.

Forgive Us Father that We the Church can have some pretty rancid issues, and sometimes We have no clue what it is. So, the overwhelming, rotting smell of refusing to repent leaves Us ineffective to a lost world.

Forgive Us Father that We the Church typically want to scramble away from the lost people that may lead nasty, trashy lives. Because We are afraid if we get too close, We will end up smelling just like them.

Maybe We Forgot that We were once nasty and trashy too. But by His grace we have been made clean. (1 Corinthians 6:9-11)

Maybe We Forgot that You willingly swing wide open the doors of confession.
So We can stay clean.
(1 John 1:9)

Maybe We Forgot that Your Spirit lets in the gentle breeze of revival into Our souls.
Anytime We ask.
(Psalm 51:10)

Thank You Father that Trash Day isn’t just once a week in Your kingdom. It’s constant.

And You, Father, like to drive BIG Trash Trucks.

He gladly takes ALL of your disgusting, regret filled trash bags of sin.

He heaves it out back into the bins of His forgetfulness.
Gone from your house forever.

Never to return.

Not to be seen or have to smell that mess again.

What a relief!!!

PRAISE: Craig and I have been doing Election Forums throughout Southern California for the Primary Election. We were at over 35 different churches and clubs. Wow, what a turnout we had this election cycle. Anyone that thinks revival isn’t happening here is mistaken. Christians have been mobilized to get out and vote their values!

PRAY FOR: We have been invited to attend a private meeting with other national evangelical leaders in New York on June 21st with Donald Trump and Ben Carson. Nationwide, people are praying for this meeting and we treasure your prayers for wisdom and discernment. Pray for divine appointments, not just at this meeting, but while we are in NY, we are planning to meet with clients and FOX Business News.

PRAY FOR: We are in the process of scheduling Election Forums for the General Election in November.  We have some churches that are currently checking their calendars, pray for open doors. We also need volunteers to help in planning and executing these events.

PRAY FOR: Our state and this nation is in desperate need of Repentance. Pray that the leaders we meet with will be moved by the Holy Spirit to spearhead this.

PRAY FOR: The victims and their families who have been affected by the horrific slaughter in Orlando. Christians have been on the front lines in Orlando helping in many ways and have been demonstrating agape love to the people. Pray for true Holy Spirit revival to take place in the Orlando community!

Let me know what you think. Email me at shellynotw@gmail.com.

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