Emptied Out

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Aug 14

Empty things beg to be filled.  In my rush to get things done quickly, I accidentally knocked over a container of coffee.  It dumped out everywhere.  To my dismay it spilled all over the counter and really was a mess.  This coffee is NOT JUST ANY coffee.  It is my very favorite.  Special Blend.  Air roasted.  Fine grind.  Deliciously smooth.

The coffee I long for so much; I would go on a mission to hunt down and find.

So I quickly went into panic mode.  And scooped up every last ground I could find.

I couldn’t bear the thought of wasting any of that coffee.

I carefully refilled the container.  Today I got to partake in a cup of that spilled and refilled coffee.  It was perfect as always.  Others would never know that the accident had taken place.  Because the end result was the same as before.  Excellent to the last drop.

Forgive us God that We the Church seem to have a lot of “accidents” in handling our relationships with others and we tend to knock over our brothers and sisters in Christ by our words and actions.

Forgive us God that We the Church sometimes rush into “getting things done quickly”, go into panic mode and lose sight of the end result.

Forgive us God that We the Church are dumped out by You everywhere, and instead of looking like you, to the worlds dismay we really look like a mess.

Maybe we forgot that we are NOT JUST ANY child, but a child of the King

Maybe we forgot that You long for us so much that You go on a mission to find us.

Maybe we forgot that we are Your very favorite.  Your special blend of love.

When your heart spills hurt all over Gods counter,

He quickly scoops up every last tear He can find.

He can’t bear the thought of wasting any of your pain.  And He won’t.

So He carefully refills your heart container with His love.

And when you partake of His spilled and refilled love it will be perfect as always.

Others would never know that the accident had taken place.

The end results of Gods mercy and grace are always the same.

Excellent to the last drop.

PRAY FOR:  The Spirit of Compromise and The Spirit of Complacency to be broken here in the Sleepy South Bay.  And for A Holy Spirit Righteousness and sense of Urgency to be placed on the Christians hearts.

PRAY FOR: Christians not to be ashamed of the Gospel.  The good news of Jesus Christ needs to be proclaimed with our mouths.  People don’t hear if it’s not said.  AND how can they say it if they are not SENT?  (Romans 10:14,15)

PRAY FOR:  Pastors. Teachers and Leaders here to be cared for intimately by the Almighty Hand of God.  He is the One that truly knows ALL of their needs and concerns.  Pray these precious people hear His voice.

PRAY FOR:  Election Forums are starting up again in September and October.

Craig and I will be presenting @ churches throughout Southern California.

This is a transformational event that your church can’t miss.

Go to electionforum.org to find out more.  Email me with scheduling requests/questions at shellynotw@gmail.com


Shelly Huey
Twitter: @shellynotw



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