Dust Collector

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Apr 23

Last week I was doing some Spring Cleaning. Opening one of our cupboards, I discovered something that I hadn’t seen in quite some time…a local phone book.

It had been SITTING on the shelf for years, barely looked at and COLLECTING DUST.
Back in the day, it was PLACED in a PROMINENT location. But now, it was HIDDEN away and NOT USED. All it did was TAKE UP SPACE. I wondered what someone from the future would think finding this volume of information. It was through FUTURE EYES that I decided to gaze through the Yellow Pages.

A true reflection of what the local culture needs.

The largest section in the Yellow Pages was not surprising. Attorneys.
Twelve pages of attorneys. A people in need of an advocate.
The second largest section was Storage.

Eleven pages of places to store things. A people with a need to keep.
Nine pages of Restuarants. A people with a need to be served food.
Eight pages of Insurance. A people with a need for security.
Six pages of Doctors. A people with a need for healing.
Three pages of Schools. A people with a need for knowledge.
And finally, last and least,
Two pages of churches. A people with a need for God.

Like that phone book, some Christians have been SITTING on a shelf for years.
Like that phone book, some Christians don’t realize Jesus has PLACED them in a PROMINENT location.
Like that phone book, some Christians HIDE and are NOT USED.

They forgot that Jesus has FUTURE EYES. Revelation 22:13
They forgot He sees their purpose and destiny. Romans 8:28-30
They forgot He knows the plans He has for them. Jeremiah 29:11
They forgot He wants them to have an abundant life. John 10:10

So they TAKE UP SPACE and COLLECT DUST in the pews of the church.

I wonder what would happen if they really KNEW who Jesus is.
I wonder what would happen if they really SAW what His Power does.
I wonder what would happen if they really DID what His word says.

I think they would discover something that they hadn’t seen in quite some time.

That Jesus is their advocate. And He will fight for them.
That storing things isn’t as important as giving them away.
That eating out pales in comparison to feeding the poor.
That the best insurance policy is eternal life and they can’t wait to tell others.
That Jesus heals and delivers people all the time. And HE does it through them.
That His wisdom passes all understanding.

And that they can’t wait to wake up everyday and BE THE CHURCH. A true reflection of what the local culture needs.

PRAY FOR: The Church here in Assembly District #66 to become unfrozen from years of disobedience to the Holy Spirit. For a true repentant spirit to lay heavy of the hearts of the children of our Almighty God. For a fresh wind, fresh fire to ignite revival here in unprecedented ways.

PRAY FOR: Craig, Shelly and Evan as Election Forums start. Pray for divine appointments and favor upon every church, every pastor/leader and every congregation that they come in contact with. Pray for more opportunities and platforms for them.

PRAY FOR: Specific locations throughout the district for Townhalls. That the turnout of concerned citizens would be overwhelming.

PRAYER REMINDER: Specific prayer times at the Campaign Headquarters start this week… We would love for you to join us we battle on our knees for this area.

Mondays @ 830-930AM
Tuesdays @ 730-830PM

Campaign Headquarters: 3535 Torrance Blvd #11, Torrance CA (310)365-9024

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