Dirty White

By shellyhuey | Prayer Update

Sep 19

Someone told me once that white cars are easier to take care of, because they don’t “show dirt” as much as others.  They lied.
After being gone two weeks, my white car was filthy.  It was left outside in our driveway.  It was covered with a layer of DIRT, leaves and even bird poop.
It must have been windy.  I couldn’t think of anything else that would stir up such a mess.
Funny thing was, right before I left, I had the car washed, waxed and detailed.  They did such a great job, I could see my reflection.  Now I couldn’t even see that my car was white.  DISGUSTED by how it looked, I grabbed our hose and sprayed it down.  Quickly the dirt SLID OFF.  The leaves ROLLED away. But the bird poop still stuck.
Recognizing this was turning into a bigger wash job, I took a rag and started scrubbing at that stubborn STUCK bird poop.

Someone told me once that they don’t go to church because “Christians” there are hypocrites.  And it made me think of my dirty white car.
Sometimes people that really KNOW us usually see the DIRT that has accumulated on our lives.
And they are DISGUSTED by how we LOOK.

So…church, where do you park your heart?
Is it left outside in the driveway of the world?
Getting bombarded with hate, anger and fear?
Do you allow your heart to get STUCK by things that fly over your life and dump on it?
My guess is your life is a lot like mine.  Sometimes it’s just a whirlwind.
And we forget to get our heart washed, waxed by the professional detailer, Jesus.

You see because Jesus loves you so much, He wants you to be clean before Him.
And when you receive Him as your Savior, He washes those sins away, not once but forever.  (1 John 1:9)
Jesus didn’t die and shed His blood for you to continue to walk around with dirt covering your white garments.
He died so that you would be a reflection of Him.
And for that reflection to shine through you.

So you might need to get hosed off with His love.
You might need to get sprayed down with His forgiveness.
You might have to let Him take out a rag and scrub off those STUCK places on your heart.
And one thing I know for sure… If you allow Him to detail your heart…
The dirt of your life will SLIDE OFF.
The leaves of sin will ROLL away.

And the people that really KNOW you will see a difference in your LOOK.
They might not be able to quite put their finger on it.
But be ready, because they might want what you got.
And they might want to come to church.

What do you think? Email me @ shellynotw@gmail.com

PRAY FOR: Craig and Shelly are in the final stages of their decision regarding running in 2012.  Confirmations have taken place recently.  Expect an announcement soon.

PRAY FOR:  South Bay Day of Repentance.  We are rescheduling the date to allow more time for preparation. Shooting for October. We anticipate many churches being involved.

PRAY FOR: Craig , Shelly and Evan to have wisdom and discernment.  We are building a team of warriors. Gov’t, Business, School, and Church leaders to intercede on the behalf of the South Bay and surrounding area.

I need your input. Please email me shellynotw@gmail.com

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