Day Off

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Aug 08

A chance to be refreshed and transformed.
No expectations, you just wanna chill.
Mentally, you wanna unplug.
Just do what you want.

After all, you worked hard.
You deserve a break.
You know you don’t have to get up early the next day.
In fact, you don’t set your alarm.

You wake up naturally.
You open your eyes. You just lay there.
Your bed is so comfortable.
You don’t move.
Because you don’t have to.

You don’t have to do anything.
You have no schedule to keep.
You have no one reminding you of where you should be.
You have nobody putting pressure on you.
There is no urgency.

The church here in California District 36 is having an extended day off.
Oh, they are awake, but they are just laying there.
In fact, their eyes are open.
But they are too comfortable.
So they don’t MOVE.

They think they don’t have to.
They think they don’t have to DO.
Oh, they have schedules. Lots of church activities.
No urgency.

No one from the community reminds them of where they SHOULD be.
Serving the widows and the poor.
Serving the broken and downtrodden.
Serving the activists, the tax collectors, the religious.
Serving the captives, the oppressed, the ones in bondage.

No one from the community puts PRESSURE on the church
To offer solutions to the community problems.
To offer hope to the hopeless.
To offer peace to the helpless.
To offer joy to the weary.

So, the community really doesn’t look to the church to DO.
They have NO expectations of the church.
They see the church as “mentally unplugged.”
They see the church as “just wanting to chill.”
They see the church as “taking a day off.”

Set YOUR alarms church.
And don’t hit the snooze button.
District 36 needs an “ACTIVE DUTY” church.
A church that GETS UP and GETS OUT of bed.
Even on its “day off.”

You worked hard.
His work of the cross for YOU was hard.
You deserve a break.
He was broken for YOU.
You may not have to get up on time.
He ROSE from the dead; on time.

Because of Him,
You are Unstoppable.
You are “plugged in” to Holy Spirit power.
Submit to Him.
Just do it.

Then the community of District 36 will SEE Jesus.
They will see He is the answer.
They will see His power.
They will see His deliverance.
They will see His healing.

And they will be refreshed and transformed.

We, church need to be refreshed and transformed!

Praise Night next Friday August 12 @ 7pm.
Craig and Shelly Huey’s Home
27853 Conestoga Dr.
Rolling Hills Estates, CA

PRAY for: Wisdom and direction for Craig and I regarding running in 2012.
PRAY for: Repentance within the church in this area. Starting with the pastors and leaders.
PRAY for: Continued refreshment for Craig and I. These past few weeks have been great reconnecting and debriefing.

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